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Ryder Strong Hotness Chart!

Posted by KAT in Boy Meets World

July 30th, 2009, 10:00 AM

Oh wow, this is way awesome:

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This Recording put together a graph charting the hotness of Ryder Strong, who played troubled Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World.

Obv, I love anything that references TGIF (what do kids even do on Friday nights these days?), but also, I can relate.  I was a huge Ryder fan who was greatly disappointed with how he turned out.  Seriously, 8-year-old me woulda dated the shizz out of 12-year-old him.  Love me a bad boy!

But now?  Grody.

Family Matters Pilgrimage! Do the Urkel Dance!

Posted by KAT in Family Matters

July 20th, 2009, 10:00 AM

I may be a bit late discovering this one, but I am LOVIN’ this video clip of a geeky group’s pilgrimage to the Family Matters house in Chicago, Illinois.

Check out footage of a bunch of Family Matters buffs visiting “The Urkel House” one sunny Chicago day:

Yes, they do the Urkel dance.

I’m impressed with their deep knowledge of the beloved TGIF-era sitcom!  Totally forgot Urkel’s parents moved to Russia, for one, and I must’ve blocked images of Jaleel White as Bruce Lee from my memory, for seconds.

Alas, the Winslow manor wouldn’t be my pilgrimage of choice.  I’m heading straight to the Peach Pit, y’all.  How ’bout yourself?

Another Day At The Office With Jack Bauer

Posted by KAT in 24, The Office

May 15th, 2009, 11:36 AM

Happy Friday, everyone!

Let’s kick the weekend off with some jokety-jokes.  Check out this The Office-meets-24 parody video:

Kinda funny?  Not funny?  Just okay.

I’ve gotta say, I had high hopes for this one.  The siliness of The Office mixed with the intensity of 24?  Sounds like a winner.  REDO!

Get Lost: Babies Havin’ Babies

Posted by KAT in Lost, Muppet Babies

March 27th, 2009, 10:22 AM

Happy Friday, everybody!  Today, a special treat for Lost fans, who have been sadly underrepresented on this here blog.  Savor this minute:

SUCKERS!  Bet you didn’t think I’d Muppet Babies ya this early in the day.

A special thanks goes out to the fine folks at BuzzFeed who provide me with such nuggets of brilliance day in and day out.  Without you, I would have never have come across Dog Milking A Goat.

Lil Wayne, You Complete Me

Posted by ERIN in CBS News

February 6th, 2009, 11:00 AM

SQUARE EYES NOTE: Thank your god of choice (or not) that it’s Friday AND that our fave guest blogger Sanji’ is in the house! Enjoy!

Earlier this week Lil Wayne was interviewed by Katie Couric in her pre-Grammy round-up for CBS News, and boy-oh-boy was it a goodie!  Not only did Lil Wayne clear up that his love of pot is purely medicinal (yea, I get those migraines too), he also let us in on a few other personal gems.

He loves bowling and watching him play a few frames with Katie in some kind of disco bowling alley, really is the highlight of the segment. That, and hearing Katie describe Wayne’s grillz as “sparkly.” Gee golly Katie, you’re right, they are sparkly [imagine I just said that in a Midwestern accent].

Now I watched this interview like 4 times today and I’m not sure if Wayne is flirting with Katie or about to knife her. You be the judge.

Straight up,
Miss Sanji

Cast of Full House Plan a Remake? How Rude!

Posted by ERIN in Full House

December 5th, 2008, 02:19 PM

I lurved Full House when it was part of ABC’s TGIF line-up. The hijinks those Tanners got into each week! Psycho-clean Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) is one of my favorite TV dads, Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) talked like Popeye or a woodchuck and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) was always pretending he was Elvis. Comedy gold!

So why am I so disturbed to hear this recent gab from Candace “Donna Joe ‘DJ’ Tanner” Cameron Bure?

“John [Stamos] has been working on a semi-remake of ‘Full House.’ I know it would involve me and Jodie Sweetin. We would revive our characters, but today as young women.”

Cast of Full HouseNO! That doesn’t sound remotely appealing to me. First of all, the actresses who once played Tanner daughters DJ (Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Sweetin) and Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) are no longer sweet “young women.” They’re now better known as Jesus freaks, over-siliconed meth addicts and boring waifs with eating disorders, respectively.

I ain’t want none of that.

Hollywood, stop the madness and leave the Tanners where they belong - to R.I. some P. in the graveyard of cornball sitcoms gone by.

And no funny ideas about bringing Family Matters or Step By Step back either. Let’s remember those lovable kids as they were, and not for being old arse bummers.

Need proof? Check this ABC TGIF fan MUST-SEE: Kids of TGIF: Where are they now?

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