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Like Teen Wolf, But Less Cool

Posted by Diana in 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

December 21st, 2010, 11:16 AM

Teen Wolf knows how to rock

Remember Teen Wolf, that fantastic film featuring Michael J. Fox?  Remember how awesome it was?  How enthralling, entertaining, and uplifting?  And it was followed by the slightly less awesome, but still entertaining, Teen Wolf Too, starring Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman.  Well, keep that happy feeling in mind, because, if you haven’t heard, MTV has announced a “new” series called Teen Mom 2, a spin-off of Teen Mom, which is (ovb) a spin-off of 16 and Pregnant.  It will feature four girls from the second season of 16 and Pregnant, all of them memorable for one reason or another.  MTV ran an hour long intro to Teen Mom 2 last night, recapping what each girl went through as she transitioned from pregnant teen to teen mom.

Who can forget Jenelle Evans?  She was a hosebeast to her mom and completely ignored her son, but she must have no shame and be hard up for some cash (these girls can make upwards of $60k a year!).  Seems that Jenelle’s mother decides to fight her for custody–and rightly so, as her mom seems to do all the childcare!  We’ll also follow Chelsea Houska and daughter Aubree (adorable, but destined to be a stripper).  Chelsea has not only gotten back together with verbally abusive baby daddy Adam Lind, but moved in with him as well!  Do I need to send you a copy of that horrific text message, Chelsea?  That guy is Bad News.  Leah Messer, she of twin girls Aliannah and Aleeah, has to deal with one of her babies’ serious medical condition.  On the upside, it looks as though she and baby daddy Corey Simms get hitched.  And she has blonde hair–not a good look.  Corey did seem like quite a good guy on their episode of 16 and Pregnant, so I hope to find their segments the least, um, awkward.  The fourth and final mom is Kailyn Lowry, she of the depressing home life, uplifting baby daddy’s mama (her sort of mother in law?), and juvenile baby daddy.  She and Jo Rivera (baby daddy) have broken up, and Kail now lives with son Isaac in the Rivera family’s basement.  I’m definitely interested in her, as she’s been through a lotta life in her tender years, but is pretty resilient.  Catch a quick preview on   Teen Mom 2 premieres January 11th at 10pm on MTV.  Holla!

As for my current favorite viewing, I encourage everyone to check out The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  At last week’s dinner party, Kyle Richards went at it with Camille Grammer’s friend, real-life medium Allison DuBois, upon whom the show Medium was based (and, conveniently, produced by Kelsey Grammer’s production company!).  It was epic.  Take a look:

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