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To Be, Or Not To Be

Posted by Diana in Being Human (US)

February 15th, 2011, 03:55 PM

Werewolf, vampire, ghost

Syfy, my favorite cable television station, may be home to some of the worst made-for-TV movies on television, but their original programming is pretty hot stuff.  With the exception of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and really any show about ghost hunting (why is it such a thing? How did it become such a thing?!), Syfy lives up to its moniker. Eureka, Warehouse 13, Haven, the always beloved and late lamented Battlestar Galactica are just a sampling of the excellent series Syfy has brought to life.

Now we get to the controversial part of this post: the American remake of a British series. As we’ve seen, sometimes it works (The Office), but mostly, it doesn’t (Skins). Syfy is currently four episodes into their remade, American version of Being Human. I’ve never seen the British version of Being Human, but I’ve always wanted to. Therefore, I was pumped when I read that Syfy was doing a remake. Since I know really nothing about the original–other than that a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost live together–I’m quite enjoying it! And, based on what I’ve read, most viewers are, too. Oh, there are the odd haterade drinkers who bitch and moan that it’s not exactly like the original, but if you want it to be exactly like the original, GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL I MEAN REALLY YOU GUYS.

The three supernaturals, Aidan the vampire, Josh the werewolf, and Sally the ghost, live together in somewhat harmony in what is supposed to be Boston. Aidan has been a vampire for a long, long time (Revolutionary War), Josh a werewolf for about two years, and Sally a ghost for a matter of months. The mythology sustaining each of the supernaturals is interesting, in some ways different from conventional mythology governing each species. There are a smattering of human characters (primarily relating to Sally or Josh), and though some of the twists and turns can so far be a bit predictable, it’s an overall enjoyable ride. Take a gander at the series premiere, below, and tell me what you think!

MTV’s Skins: Too Hot for TV? And Bret Michaels!

Posted by BRADY in Skins, celebrity gossip

January 24th, 2011, 05:38 PM

They’re sitting very close to each-other! Get it off the air!

MTV’s Skins, a US re-make of the UK Skins, has got exactly what any self-respecting show aimed at young people wants: tons of buzz for being too controversial and parents complaining left and right about what the show depicts. Sounds like something in the tradition of iconic MTV shows like Beavis and Butthead and The Real World that came before. So why isn’t MTV celebrating it’s new edgy show? Well, it’s hard to make money off a TV show that no one wants to advertise on. And at the end of the day, ads are what counts. I mean even a show like Antiques Roadshow remains profitable because they can get ads for fiber supplements and walk-in bath tubs. Those are very hot markets.

But advertisers are abandoning Skins after the backlash from parent groups threatening to boycott any business that dares to advertise during such a scandalous program. The latest drop-outs are Taco Bell and Subway, though I can’t say I blame them. There has to be a big crossover between people with enough time on their hands to write letters to TV networks and those that eat horrible chain-restaurant food on a regular basis. In a related story, I will still refuse to buy a walk-in bath until Antiques Roadshow agrees to re-appraise my ceramic ALF cookie jar for over $8. It’s priceless! Some critics are even going so far as to say that Skins is skirting dangerously close to child pornography, and that legal action should be taken against the producers of the show who are responsible for filming underage kids in these scenarios. Well there is a very easy way to determine whether the show is child pornography: does Roman Polanski have a season pass recording set for it on DVR?

Changing topics, Bret Michaels, a man who knows all about putting perfectly legal filth/almost porn on TV, is once again in surgery. Those who read Square Eyes know of our love of Bret, so we just want to wish him well and a speedy recovery so he can get back to making awesome reality TV! He’s currently having a hole in his heart (discovered during his weeks of health fiascoes surrounding his brain hemorrhaging) patched up. Though we all know he will always have a hole in his heart that only making out with strippers and picking out bandannas to jam in can fill.

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