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Joel McHale: Sexiest Man Alive?

Posted by Diana in Community, The Soup

November 10th, 2011, 03:47 PM

Joel McHale, host of The Soup on E!, star of Community on NBC, and all around snarky good guy, is (supposedly) a candidate for People’s Sexiest Man list. Not sure if it’s just for 2011 or for all time, but in any case: he made a video. Apparently People asked him to do a day to day task, but in a sexy way. Here’s what Joel came up with:

If that’s not the gosh darned sexiest thing I’ve seen in a while, I don’t know what is! Joel, you get my vote for sure!

David Letterman Reveals Extortion Plot

Posted by KAT in 48 Hours, Late Show with David Letterman

October 2nd, 2009, 10:30 AM

Holy moly!  David Letterman shared a shocking revelation with last night’s Late Show audience.  It seems the late night host was being blackmailed by 48 Hours producer Robert “Joe” Halderman for $2 million.  Halderman threatened to reveal Letterman’s sexual relationships with various Late Show staff members, including Halderman’s former live-in girlfriend, Stephanie Birkitt, Dave’s former assistant.

Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Pretty insane.  Halderman was arrested outside CBC headquarters for attempted grand larceny in the first degree.

You can’t make this stuff up!!!  I could totally see this popping up as a Law & Order “pulled from the headlines” episode.  Can’t wait!

Or, hm, why not cut out the middleman and just slap it on 48 Hours already.  Zing!

[Source: TMZ]

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