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Tanedra Howard is the Screamiest Queen!

Posted by ERIN in Scream Queens

December 9th, 2008, 12:43 PM

I called it, fools!

The gal with the heartiest horror chops on VH1’s Scream Queens is…TANEDRA HOWARD!

Tanedra Howard on Scream Queens

Tanedra came to the game with zero formal acting training, but was always the most natural, believable and “scarediest.” She’s been my favorite to win since the beginning and now she’ll be featured in “Saw VI.” Lolz, I know, Saw Six, but whatevs - she was stoked about it. Read her post-win interview here.

Revisit the gals’ very first acting challenge, which Tanedra won and everyone else awkwardly stank up (clip from

I honestly think I’ll miss this show, can you believe it? I vote for a 2nd season of this trash! ‘Til then, US users can make-do by watching full episodes of Scream Queens here.

We All Scream for Scream Queens

Posted by ERIN in Scream Queens

November 11th, 2008, 04:45 PM

Leaving no mindless VH1 reality show unturned, I’m now watching Scream Queens, too. Basically, 10 wannabe starlets - short on acting credentials but heavy on ego - compete for a feature role in “Saw VI”.

Shawnee Smith in

To earn the coveted ’scream queen’ title, they undergo challenges in horror acting, stunts, sexiness and of course, being thrown out of a fifth story window and locked in a morgue. “Trust us, girls. You won’t make it far in Hollywood if you don’t let us shower crickets into your face.”

The girls get regular guidance from their 3 judges: horror flick director James Gunn (”Slither”), acting coach John Homa and Shawnee Smith - a scream queen best known as Amanda Young, the bear trap face girl, from the “Saw” series.

Watching these girls get into ‘the zone’ for emotional scenes on-cue has convinced me that it does take SOME intelligence and talent to be a scream queen - it’s just another acting gig for them to nail.

I’m rooting for Tanedra Howard to win. Unlike the other headcases on the show, she’s grounded and acts from instinct. Check her out at the end of this clip of the girls getting the shizz scared out of them:

She cracks me up. “My philosophy is: run when the crowd runs - ask questions later.” Hey, Tanedra! You’re gonna win this thing, right??

Tanedra Howard, contestant on Scream Queens

Catch up on Scream Queen episodes here!

Canadian Cut-Up Slays With Dexter Impression

Posted by KAT in Dexter

November 7th, 2008, 05:15 PM

Oh my gosh, you guys.  I just came across the following news item while looking for info about Dexter (which I’ve been totes into lately) and got straight SPOOKED!

So basically, this aspiring filmmaker dude named Mark Twitchell shot a movie about a man who is lured to a garage by an Internet date and murdered, and THEN Twitchell himself lures a man to his garage with promises of an Internet date and murders him.  IN REAL LIFE!

! ! !

Apparently police are finding thematic links to the show Dexter, whose title character Twitchell idolized.  Rope and chopped-up body parts, let’s not even get into it!

OMG!  Scary!  A girl can’t even do a simple Google search for the Dexter video game in production without stumbling upon a crime scene.


So anyway, I’m pretty stoked that Dexter has been picked up for two more seasons.  Sweet!  I love that Michael C. Hall.  Anthony Michael Hall, too, though that’s unrelated.


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