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The Creepiest Show on TV

Posted by BRADY in TLC

December 9th, 2011, 05:38 PM

A still frame cannot do this horror show justice

I realize there has been a lot written about the creepy, unsettling, and at times downright scary new show American Horror Story, but I am here to tell you there is a much creepier, more unsettling, even scarier new show on the air. It’s called Virgin Diaries and it is disturbing and unnerving on a whole new level. TLC is no stranger to making me queasy and filling me with the urge to cover my eyes to avoid whatever they’re showing on screen (Sister Wives recently featured a very special birth episode that was so downright creepy and weird it made the Twilight: Breaking Dawn birth scene seem normal),  but this new show takes the cake. And trust me, TLC has a lot of cake to give out, they have the Cake Boss and all his various spin-offs to provide them.

Virgin Diaries, without a doubt, is more cringe-inducing then all the Saw, Hostel and Human Centipede movies combined. Whether it’s a 35 year old virgin telling a woman on their first date that he is a virgin (much to her dismay) or 3 virgin roommates (well, one of them “reclaimed” her virginity, so that’s a total cop-out) making up lame parody songs about being virgins, this show made me audibly cringe about every 30 seconds. Ricky Gervais, take notes. None of the cringe-humor in the original Office even comes close to this. But the real stars of this episode are the couple who have never even kissed up until their wedding day. Somehow they must have avoided seeing anyone kiss ever, because boy oh boy do they not know how to do it. Check out the commercial below, with their horrifying kiss at the very end. And then count yourself lucky. They kept doing that throughout their reception. Over and over. Again and again. Nightmare inducing stuff. And let’s not even get into their post-wedding night discussion of their awkward first time…

Reality Show Clip Time!

Posted by BRADY in Scream Queens

August 3rd, 2010, 02:07 PM

Everybody mug for the camera!

I’ve been meaning to discuss Pit Boss on Animal Planet for a while now, but kept forgetting—probably because I keep thinking it must be a joke.  Here’s what I gather from the ridiculous, so-very-TLC promo (for all that it’s on Animal Planet): it’s a show about a little person and his little person crew who rescue pitbulls, and occasionally act.  Or something.  And I think they have tattoos.  Not sure if they ride motorcycles, but if they do (and if someone gets married), this is like every single TLC show mashed into one.  The producers probably found these people and were like, “jackpot!!”  The main guy, Shorty Rossi, runs a talent management agency for little people, called Shortywood Productions, and a pit bull rescue/rehabilitation organization, Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue.  He’s a little person.  An ex con.  A loudmouth, cigar chomping, self-described workaholic.  Of course he has a television show!  But really, I’ll stick to Pit Bulls and Parolees, myself.

Money Hungry (hosted by Dan Cortese!  HA!) debuted on VH1 last night, and I tell you want: it’s just like The Biggest Loser, but with less beatings and more bitching. Boring!  Next!

Scream Queens, on VH1 following Money Hungry, made its second season debut last night, offering ten young women the chance to be maimed, tortured, terrified, and possibly killed in the upcoming Saw 3D (can you imagine Saw in 3D?  Gadzooks—I cannot!).  Previous winner Tanedra Howard was featured in the opening trap scene of Saw IV, and will also appear in Saw 3D.  This show is pretty awesome, what with the blood and gore boot camp, the challenges, the screaming, and (of course) the trash-talking.  Where would a show about young women competing for a prize be without trash-talking?  In the crapper, that’s where.  The judges are different this year—Jamie King (My Bloody Valentine, The Tripper) serves as, uh, scream queen mentor, John Homa (acting coach to the stars) helps the gals with their freakability (if you will), and Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs, Driftwood) directs their scenes.  And then someone gets axed!  Or whatever!  Literally!  Sweet!

-This post brought to you by Diana

Tanedra Howard is the Screamiest Queen!

Posted by ERIN in Scream Queens

December 9th, 2008, 12:43 PM

I called it, fools!

The gal with the heartiest horror chops on VH1’s Scream Queens is…TANEDRA HOWARD!

Tanedra Howard on Scream Queens

Tanedra came to the game with zero formal acting training, but was always the most natural, believable and “scarediest.” She’s been my favorite to win since the beginning and now she’ll be featured in “Saw VI.” Lolz, I know, Saw Six, but whatevs - she was stoked about it. Read her post-win interview here.

Revisit the gals’ very first acting challenge, which Tanedra won and everyone else awkwardly stank up (clip from

I honestly think I’ll miss this show, can you believe it? I vote for a 2nd season of this trash! ‘Til then, US users can make-do by watching full episodes of Scream Queens here.

We All Scream for Scream Queens

Posted by ERIN in Scream Queens

November 11th, 2008, 04:45 PM

Leaving no mindless VH1 reality show unturned, I’m now watching Scream Queens, too. Basically, 10 wannabe starlets - short on acting credentials but heavy on ego - compete for a feature role in “Saw VI”.

Shawnee Smith in

To earn the coveted ’scream queen’ title, they undergo challenges in horror acting, stunts, sexiness and of course, being thrown out of a fifth story window and locked in a morgue. “Trust us, girls. You won’t make it far in Hollywood if you don’t let us shower crickets into your face.”

The girls get regular guidance from their 3 judges: horror flick director James Gunn (”Slither”), acting coach John Homa and Shawnee Smith - a scream queen best known as Amanda Young, the bear trap face girl, from the “Saw” series.

Watching these girls get into ‘the zone’ for emotional scenes on-cue has convinced me that it does take SOME intelligence and talent to be a scream queen - it’s just another acting gig for them to nail.

I’m rooting for Tanedra Howard to win. Unlike the other headcases on the show, she’s grounded and acts from instinct. Check her out at the end of this clip of the girls getting the shizz scared out of them:

She cracks me up. “My philosophy is: run when the crowd runs - ask questions later.” Hey, Tanedra! You’re gonna win this thing, right??

Tanedra Howard, contestant on Scream Queens

Catch up on Scream Queen episodes here!

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