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Snores, Bores Galore!

Posted by BRADY in Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance

August 5th, 2010, 03:41 PM

Snore, snore, snore some more

How are we feeling about the So You Think You Can Dance Top 4, America?  AdeChike Torbert, Lauren Froderman, Kent Boyd, and Robert Roldan took the stage doing a Tyce Diorio Guys and Dolls-ian number.  The top four danced a bunch, and the judges (along with Tyce as a fourth, nonsensical, judge) said basically the same stuff they’ve said every week.  The season needs to end and we need to forget it ever happened.  Next!

Project Runway and it’s seventy billion designers premiered last week.  Yeah, seventy billion is a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously—can you remember any of them?  I remember (Carlos) Casanova, Christopher (only because he’s from San Francisco), Ivy (she made pants out of pants!), smarmy disgusting Jason (obsessed with his sexuality—relax, dude, damn), and McKell (the dreadlocked Utahan who was executed—I mean, Auf’ed).  I know there were more, including maybe an Asian guy?  And some women?  But really, they all blend together into 90 minutes of semi-boredom.  I would be more interested in seeing a bit more of the audition videos, and less of the designers arriving in New York (the ferry?  Seriously, producers?).  The most exciting moment?  Finding out Casanova’s pants, to be ripped apart and reused for the challenge, were Dolce & Gabbana and cost over $1000.  Sacre bleu!  Poor little (Carlos).  And watching Nina Garcia translate en español for the poor man was kind of boss, too.  I hope Jason goes home next week, or they change models, or something, because that poor girl is going to end up traumatized when she learns how he was salivating over her boobs.  Keep it in your pants, man!

Pretty Little Liars is the only thing keeping me going, people.  It might land on the bananas side of the spectrum, but even in its most ridiculous moments, it’s better than just about anything else on television right now (and don’t get me started on how The Gates has gone downhill).  The intrigue!  The drama!  The plot twists!  It’s seriously crackers, but quite entertaining.  Check out this clip from an upcoming episode and tell me it’s not awesome:

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So You Think You Can Get Through the Season?

Posted by ERIN in So You Think You Can Dance

July 22nd, 2010, 01:49 PM


Ok, seriously, guys: is there a saboteur on So You Think You Can Dance?  Because this injury shizz is getting hinky—first Alex Wong (two weeks ago), then Ashley Galvan (last week), and now Billy Bell?  There’s no use in voting!  Just assume someone will be injured and have to leave the show!  Let’s hope Billy’s knee was rested well enough last night (and presumably a couple days before) that he’ll be able to continue in the competition.  It’s practically a foregone conclusion at this point that Kent Boyd will win the season, since Jose ‘Full Deck’ Ruiz isn’t a strong enough dancer (Mia Michaels would never allow him to win over one of the other guys), Lauren Froderman has yet to blow everyone away,  Robert Roldan is not as well liked as Kent (that was so diplomatic!), and Adéchiké Torbert gets a lot of criticism for minor things.  Kent gets the most “you’ve grown as a dancer!” comments from the judges, the girls will not stop screaming (I couldn’t even HEAR the stomps and slaps of his step performance last night, and spent most of it screaming SHUT UP YOU HARPIES! at the television), and he’s adorable.  Plus, it’s been a while since a white guy won (and, had Alex kept going and won the whole thing, it would have been the first win by an Asian dancer.  This is how reality TV competition works, people).

Kent Boyd SYTYCDI’ll admit, Kent has grown on me, both as a person and as a dancer.  Last night’s step routine (with tWitch taking Billy’s place at the last minute) was pretty awesome, even if Kent grabbing his crotch comes off as hilars rather than tough, but whatever.  It was no Alex/tWitch hip hop, that’s for sure, but it was decent enough.  And I rather liked the Adéchiké/Comfort Fedoke lyrical hip hop earlier in the evening—again, not the strongest representation the show has ever had, but well done.  I’m still not enamored with Robert and his muggin’ face, Lauren fails to excite, Jose and Adéchiké just aren’t strong enough outside their own genres, and Billy is injured.  Therefore: loveable Kent for the win.

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America Wept!

Posted by BRADY in So You Think You Can Dance

July 8th, 2010, 03:06 PM

Kent shows off smooth moves dancing with Comfort

And if you watched So You Think You Can Dance last night, you did, too!  Or you did if you were me.  Not at any of the dances, oh no, but that Alex Wong—amazing Alex Wong—has a ruptured Achilles tendon and not only couldn’t perform, but may not be able to continue in the competition!  He’s automatically in the bottom three tonight, but I can’t imagine he’ll gone home unless the doctors confirm that he won’t be dancing for the foreseeable future.  It’s a heavy blow to the young man who did so incredibly well last week, and, like judge Mia Michaels, I would have dearly loved to see him dance Bollywood with AdeChike Torbert.

How did the rest measure up?  Well, the format changed again.  Contestants first danced new-to-them styles with new-to-them All Star partners (no more duplicates!), then were paired up with each other for another style.  Kent had a good night last night—first a smooth hip hop routine with Comfort Fedoke that drew many Justin Timberlake comparisons, then later a heartfelt contemporary piece with fellow contestant Lauren Froderman, choreographed by the indomitable Travis Wall.  I think he and Lauren were the only two contestants to get good, solid reviews from the judges for both of their routines.  AdeChike struggled in both his routines, jazz with Courtney Galiano and the aforementioned Bollywood with choreographer assistant Marla in place of injured AlexJose and Billy were also called out for struggling (and Billy for ending up being a cat in both his routines, which isn’t his fault).  Robert continues to be unlikeable—Nigel commented that people keep calling him “arrogant.”  Well, as fellow Square Eyes-er Erin pointed out, he’s not “arrogant,” he’s OBNOXIOUS.  Get it right, Nigel!  Always mugging at the camera, capering around like a fool, pulling faces—the child is obnoxious.  He’s a total Ken doll.  I’m thinking the bottom three this week will be Alex (for reasons mentioned above), AdeChike, and Billy or Robert, with AdeChike probably going home.  Ashley wasn’t fantastic, but I think she’ll squeak by, especially since there are only two girls left.

This format, btdubs, is not working.  The All Star idea is awesome, yes.  It’s wonderful to see former contestants show off their stuff (and Nigel pointing out how much Comfort has grown as a dancer last night was great), but there’s a lack of community and connection among the contestants that’s always been present in the past.  And in some cases (particularly when  Anya and Pasha burn the floors with ballroom), the All Star performs so much better than the contestant that the contestant’s faults are glaringly obvious.  Perhaps in the future there can be a So You Think You Can Dance: All Star season (even something truncated), and a regular SYTYCD somewhere in there, too.  I want it both ways!

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Top 11 Perform, and A Video Treat!

Posted by BRADY in So You Think You Can Dance

June 17th, 2010, 01:59 PM

Top 11, y’all!

Any thoughts on the first night of competition dancing last night on Dancing with the Stars—er, So You Think You Can Dance?  I’m curious why they’ve decided to do a live show for the East coast instead of prerecording as usual, since it seemed to screw up the camera angles (particularly that swoopy mess at the beginning).  I hope tonight is prerecorded, although doubtful.  I also couldn’t stand the extreme close-ups of each contestant’s face as they were being judged—I kept thinking, “whoa, that girl has a double chin,” “what’s wrong with that guy’s eye?,” “ew! He just snotted on himself!” because seriously, cameramen, back off!  As far as the contestants goes, it was a bit like Dancing with the Stars, because the worse the contestant was at the genre, the better (and more star-like) the All Star looked.  Take Pasha Kovalev and Melinda Sullivan’s jive, for instance.  Panned by the judges for many reasons, but all her flaws were, I think, enhanced by Pasha’s amazeballsness!  I love Pasha, and he’s probably my fave All Star, but my favorite contestant, Alex Wong, just knocked it straight outta the park last night with his gorgeous and flawless technique and amazing choreography by Sonya Tayeh, partnered by All Star Allison Holker.  So moving, so lovely, so please no more Hallelujah, no matter who sings it.  My picks for bottom two are Melinda (of course) and Lauren Froderman (paired with Ade Obayomi, she just didn’t do anything for me).  And Robert Roldan, you’re going to land down there if you don’t stop mugging for the damn judges.

And, for something awesomely cringeworthy, I give you Miley Cyrus’ heavily autotuned rendition of Every Rose Has It’s Thorn by one Mr. Bret Michaels.  Nothing like a teenager singing a song inspired by a stripper!  Loves it.  She sounds like T-Pain!

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A Gleeful ‘Glee;’ Hello Top 11 Dancers!

Posted by BRADY in Glee, So You Think You Can Dance

June 10th, 2010, 02:40 PM

What’d all you gleeks think of the season finale of Glee on Tuesday night?  I enjoyed it—including theoretically 8-months-pregnant Quinn Fabray first looking 11 months pregnant (pre-Regionals), then maybe 2 months pregnant (during Regionals), and finally birthing baby Beth, the least newborn looking baby ever born on television, but still cute.  The Journey medley was awesome, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ fantastic (particularly interspersed with Quinn’s giving birth), and the end as touching as a thoroughly heartwarmed viewer could hope.  Internet, I was heartwarmed!  Can’t wait for next season.

Continuing a good week on television, it’s time to meet your So You Think You Can Dance top 11—wait, doubletake.  11?!  Yes, America, Nigel just couldn’t decide, and so we have six men and five women competing for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer on this All Star season (and for a list of returning SYTYCD stars, check this blog entry).  Seems particularly heavy on contemporary dancers (*sigh*), but maybe some of them have more skillz than just leaps and shoulder rolls.  In alphabetical order, your top 11, America! Sorry—channeled a bit of Cat Deeley there!

AdéChiké Torbert is a 23 year old contemporary (“with a bit of flavor”) dancer from Brooklyn.  I wonder if they’ll nickname him (which could get confusing with former contestant, and current All Star, Ade Obayomi).  Next is one of my personal favorites, ballet dancer Alex WongAlex tried out last season and was top 20 material but was in a contract with Miami City Ballet that he had to honor.  This year, he’s given up his principal soloist position (!!!!!!!!!!) to be on the show, to which I say, holy moly mother of monkeys, Alex!  You better do well!  Alexie Agdeppa, jazz/contemporary dancer, and possessor of the unfortunate (yet expected) nickname ‘Sexy Lexie’ is next, followed by lyrical dancer Ashley Galvan.  You might remember the next contestant from last season—Billy Bell made it to the season 6 Top Twenty only to be struck down by illness and unable to compete.  The contemporary dancer is back this year and determined to last!

The next contestant finally changes it up a bit—salsa and bellydancer Cristina Santana!  Bellydance—that’s exciting!  Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz also breaks the contemporary cycle, as he’s a self taught b-boy (breakdancer).  Nice.  A contemporary jazz dancer, Kent Boyd is next—and he was born in Lima, OH!  He’s no Lima loser!  His female counterpart (also a contemporary jazz-ercizer, if you will) is Lauren Froderman, then comes tapper (yes! Not contemporary!) Melinda Sullivan, and we end with ANOTHER contemporary dancer, Robert Roldan.

Really heavy on contemporary this year, and no ballroom dancers to speak of!  I suppose there’s a salsa dancer, but can she do other styles?  It would be fantastic to see a female ballroom competitor dance with Pasha, or a male to dance with Anya.  Well, I’m looking forward to the actual competition starting anyway!  My current faves are Alex Wong (I have a thing for male ballet dancers) and Melinda Sullivan, because tap dancing is amazing.

Summer!  It’s officially here!

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