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Coming Soon: The Golden Chicas!

Posted by KAT in The Golden Girls

September 17th, 2009, 11:30 AM

The Golden Girls

ZOMG!  Could this day get any better?

Jezebel’s got the scoop:

According to a press release, Disney’s announced “a Latin American reversioning” of The Golden Girls, Los Años Dorados. It’s tailored for a Hispanic audience with actresses from Mexico, Colombia and Cuba; set in Miami and filming in Venezuela. ¿Cheesecake, anyone?

Oh HELL YES!  I haven’t been this excited since the Turkish Golden Girls were announced.

What do you think?  Blanche Deveraux, Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nyland, and Sophia Petrillo recast with a group of senior Latinas?  Muy bien!

I hope the “reversioning” includes infusing The Golden Chicas with some local flavor.  Flan instead of cheesecake?

So You Think You Can Dance 5: Miami & Memphis

Posted by ERIN in So You Think You Can Dance

May 28th, 2009, 01:09 PM

Last night, So You Think You Can Dance covered auditions in Miami and Memphis. Here are some videos of the better dancers (courtesy of MJS Big Blog):

Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde So You Think You Can Dance auditionJanette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde - Latin Ballroom - (VIDEO): Holy split-flip, Batman! Janette made it to the Vegas finals last season but got cut. The couple did some wild tricks, but I’m not fully convinced she should make it through this season either. Maybe I was put off by her weird English-accented impression of Nigel or maybe it was her Cheryl Burke haircut. I can only handle one fiery, bob-haircutted ballroom dancer on my TV, thanks.

Erik “Silky” Moore - Tap/Hip Hop - (VIDEO): Silky mixes tap and hip hop…”Tip hop”? “Tap hop”? His routine was fun and successful all thanks to Michael Jackson. How can you lose when you put on “Thriller” and imitate those slick moves?  Silky Moore Can’t Lose.

Talia Rickards - Hip Hop (VIDEO): You know what this episode needs? A sob story - bring it on! Talia’s high school sweetheart hubby died in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago and she’s going to dance, dance, dance it out!  She’s not the best dancer, but she is a firecracker and packs a punch on-stage. Will that be enough to get her through to the finals…?

Marico Flake - Memphis Jukin (VIDEO): I love Marico already! He’s a cute police officer and did a hip hop style of dancing called “Memphis Jukin”. He shows a lot of personality (without coming across as obnoxious) and I loved watching his smoooooth moves. The judges agree and he heads straight to Vegas.

Caitlin Kinney So You Think You Can Dance auditionCaitlin Kinney - Contemporary (VIDEO): We learn that Caitlin’s sister already made it through to Vegas during the Miami auditions (why didn’t they show her full try-out?). Caitlin would love to follow her sis, but well, shucks, she’s only been dancing for 5 years and recently had hip surgery. Ruh roh! Will she end up disappointing? Of course not - Caitlin is a REALLY good dancer - very fluid, elegant and bendy (that’s a technical dance term). Maybe we’re to assume she’ll beat out her sis since her screen time was relegated to a quick montage, but you never know. BTW - Who does Caitlin resemble: LeAnn Rimes? Jamie Lynn Spears? Caroline Rhea?

Anna Dunn - Contemporary (VIDEO): Get ready for more sad backstories (Danny Gokey, what have you started?). Anna’s dealing with her dad’s suicide so leave it to guest judge and hip hop choreographer, Lil C, to bring it up along with his own father’s suicide. Doh! Lil C, ya got Anna crying and probably viewers at home too! Love him though.

Travis Prokop - Contemporary (VIDEO): Travis’ dad is a rough ‘n tough football coach at a high school back in Texico, New Mexico (rhyme time!). Obviously, Travis has chosen to be a dancer (and the show implies he is also gay) - how does he face his pop? Well, wipe another tear from my eyes because Papa Prokop is a very sweet man who supports Travis and his “choices” and just wishes he could protect his son from being ridiculed. Way to be! Travis lacks strength in his movements, but makes it through the choreography test and gets a ticket to Vegas.

Evan and Ryan Kasprzak So You Think You Can Dance audition

Evan Kasprzak - Jazz (VIDEO): Evan almost made it last year with his charming, old-fashioned Broadway/jazz dancing. He’s back for another chance this year. He makes it to Vegas with no problem, but I agree with the judges’ concerns - I’m not sure how well he’d fare when he needs to perform krumping or ballroom numbers…

Ryan Kasprzak - Tap (VIDEO): Ryan is Evan’s big bro and does a quirky tap dance using a whoopie cushion as a prop. He’s really talented, too, and makes it through. They seem really supportive of one another, but the judges have already let a lot of brothers and sisters go through to Vegas together - I smell sibling rivalries ahead!

Another night of auditions airs tonight on So You Think You Can Dance! Can we get to Vegas week already?

Brooke Hogan, Having the Best Week Ever

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March 16th, 2009, 02:16 PM

At the risk of becoming a pictures-Kat-finds-funny blog, check out this HILARS animated GIF the Best Week Ever blog posted today:

Brooke Hogan

Mesmerizing, no? That’s Brooke Hogan of Hogan Knows BestBrooke Knows Best, and a forgettable singing career, just chillin’ out in a pair of sequined hot pants at Latin festival Calle Ocha in Miami.  Her daddy, retired pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan, was in the crowd cheering her antics on.  Or should I say SKANKtics?!  Ha. That’s almost a pun.

So anyway, here’s a totally relevant Q: Do you think Brooke Hogan got super sad when she saw The Wrestler?  I tried to find out on Twitter but was met with nary a response.

Ho hum.

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