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Surprise! Not a Surprise!

Posted by BRADY in Academy Awards, Glee

November 30th, 2010, 03:40 PM

Say hello to your 2011 Oscar hosts!

Oscar producers have chosen James Franco and Anne Hathaway to co-host next year’s Academy Awards, just the first of many announcements before the ceremony takes place on February 27, 2011.  Both actors are expected to be nominated (James Franco is a shoo-in for 127 Hours and Anne Hathaway more of a longshot for Love and Other Drugs).  Note to vote campaigner Justin Timberlake: nominations will be announced January 25, 2011 at 5:30am PST, so get those goody bags OUT!  Oh, you didn’t hear?  JT thinks he was SO AWESOME in that Facebook movie playing that Napster guy that he deserves an Oscar!  Now, Justin, you say, don’t you want to wait until the Yogi Bear movie comes out?  Your voice work as Boo Boo is bound to help your campaign!  Or the amazing voice work you did on Shrek the Third!  Or your starring role in the seminal classic Alpha Dog!  You know what, JT, you’re right—this is probably your best, and only, hope for an Oscar.  I like you, Justin, I just think there are better, more accomplished actors out there.  Like the creepy kid who played Mark Zuckerberg.

After last week’s Super-de-Duper I’m a Special Snowflake It’s All About Kurt AGAIN episode of Glee, there seems to be nothing but more Kurt this week.  And really, I’m tired of him.  Can’t we see some Mercedes?  Some Tina?  They went to all the trouble of making Harry Shum Jr. a regular, and he’s barely gotten any screentime, much less an actual storyline!  I’d imagine it’s hard to be a teenager of color in Lima, Ohio, and heaven knows it’s hard to be a disabled teen anywhere.  Or the Jewish daughter of two dads!  I know—broken record.  Well, anyway, enjoy this clip from this week’s episode (taking place at Sectionals, I believe).  It’s the Dalton Academy Warblers singing Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” as Mr. Schuester and Puck look pissed (and sort of crazy) and the rest of the kids, especially Rachel, of all people, looking excited.  Reminder, kids: the Warblers are your competition!

-This post brought to you by DIANA

TV to the Rescue!

Posted by BRADY in Glee, The Simpsons, celebrity gossip

October 4th, 2010, 03:55 PM

Britney on Glee! Sorry Fatone, you don’t have quite the same appeal…

For most of us, TV serves a few vital functions: entertainment, news, and learning what the real housewives of various cities are like. Conclusion: they’re all bad, shallow people. Consider my horizons broadened! But for those who are better than us (I speak of CELEBRITIES of course), TV can serve a far more utilitarian function: salvation! Whether it be their career or their public image, TV offers the last hope for many of today’s stars.

The most desperate case recently has to be Joey Fatone, former member of ‘NSYNC and current “I will do anything please hire me” actor/singer/dancer/host. After being stripped of his hosting duties on The Singing Bee (which moved to County Music Television, so now contestants can just yell “BEER HORSE AMERICA” and have a good chance of getting the lyrics right) as well as his role as red carpet host for the TV Guide channel, Joey is looking for any way to get himself seen. I mean, at least on the TV Guide channel people saw him for 27 seconds before spotting something better to watch in the guide. His solution: Glee! After seeing the Britney Spears episode last week Joey Fatone has become convinced that they should do an ‘NSYNC episode and is staring a Twitter campaign to do it, and he very graciously offered to guest star in it! Maybe Glee is done with the gimmick pop star episodes for awhile? Well then Fatone says he will gladly take a role as a singing, dancing teacher. Joey will also consider set preparation, camera operator, and actual Glee club teacher. He just needs a paycheck. I miss the days when the most pathetic thing Joey was doing was that Star Wars dance on Dancing with the Stars.

What do you do if you’re a young Hollywood starlet caught with cocaine? Besides a ridiculously short stint in jail or rehab? Reality TV of course! After her most recent run-in with the law, that is exactly what Paris Hilton is going to do. But this won’t be The Simple Life. Far from it! In this show we’re going to see what a serious young businesswoman Paris is and that she is not the ditzy blonde bimbo that we have been led to believe by the tabloids. Yawwwn. What, are they bringing in Ty Pennington to host “Extreme Paris Hilton Public Image Makeover”? Are we going to have to watch Paris sit in business meetings and work at pet adoption fairs while sipping vitamin water and reading Jane Austen? At least The Simple Life was entertaining in a “losing faith in the decency of human beings” kind of way.

And finally, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, appeared on The Simpsons this week to have a laugh at his own expense while explaining to Lisa why all the best billionaires dropped out of school. But was there more to his agenda? Some are noting it’s quite coincidental that Zuckerberg’s appearance this week on The Simpsons coincides so well with the release of The Social Network, which characterizes Zuckerberg as a fairly unlikable egomaniac. Maybe someone wanted to show off their pop culture savvy and fun side? Also, The Simpsons is still on?! Check out the Zuckster in animated form below:

Betty White Hosting SNL? Almost There!

Posted by ERIN in Saturday Night Live, The Golden Girls

February 22nd, 2010, 02:45 PM

betty whiteWhat began as a grassroots campaign on Facebook to get America’s sweetheart, Betty White, a gig as a Saturday Night Live host is rumored to be a success! broke the exclusive that the 88 year-old Golden Girl is now being seriously considered to host along with comedic broads from SNL’s past. The names being thrown around include Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon - hey-yooooo!

This season of SNL has been a frigid mess, so maybe a fellowship of funny females would beat some life into the late-night comedy sketch series. Picture it! A Sarah Palin (Fey) vs. Betty White skit, or maybe the return of Mary Katherine Gallagher (Shannon) and White as an equally eccentric nun. The possibilities are endless.

I’ll leave you with the most appropriate Golden Girls clip for this news. Remember when Rose (White) was about to undergo surgery and had an anesthesia-induced conversation with her daughter? No?

Click below and be sure to listen to her delivery of, “Live from New York - it’s Saturday Night!” at the 0:47 time mark. This lady was born to host SNL.

Bachelor Recap: Ali Hands in Her Notice & Leaves

Posted by ERIN in The Bachelor

February 9th, 2010, 11:27 AM

The Bachelor Ali leaves JakeMy-lanta! After weeks of pretending I don’t care about The Bachelor, I give up: I am officially addicted to this season of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (seriously, that’s the subtitle).

Last night, Bachelor Jake Pavelka, paid a hometown visit to the families of the remaining four ladies: Gia, Ali, Tenley and Vienna. What did we learn? 1) That I’m a sentimental sap because I had a knot in my throat every time the parents/daughters choked up, and 2) that Jake is so genuine and suave that he could probably charm the tattered pants off of The Hulk.

First, Jake visits New York (”concrete jungle where dreams are maaade of!“), home of Ellen Pompeo/Meredith Grey lisp-a-like and swimsuit model, Gia. Gia’s extremely close to her mom who is, like the rest of her family, protective over her little girl’s heart. During a dinner of pasta and vino, Jake gets grilled by Gia’s mama and her very gel-haired brother (love the NY accents, btw): Gia’s had her heart broken and they’re wary of his intentions - can Jake convince them that he’s a good guy?

Duh, of course! Jake is his usual honest self, peppering the conversation with heavy flattery of how Gia’s “different from all of the other girls” (like, not blonde?) and admitting that he’s really into her when she opens up. Mamma mia, it’s enough for Gia’s mom who gives her approval and then lets her baby girl know that her mother’s intuition senses that Jake’s heart is in the right place and that he’s truly falling for her. The night ends with the couple parking it on a stoop and Jake awkwardly asking, “Have you ever kissed on a stoop before?” Gia: “No, actually I never ha–” Jake: “Wanna change that? *goes in for the kill*” Very teen-aged boy of him, but I like Gia, so whatevs - a girl’s gotta get hers.

You could pretty much replay the above scenario 3 more times to get the gist of how the other ladies’ families react to Jake. All of the remaining visits followed the same script:

- giddy hug & kiss-filled reunion with Ali/Tenley/Vienna on their home turf in Massachusetts/Oregon/Florida

- some intimate bonding time at: her dead grandmother’s house/her dance studio/a river boat ride

- Meet initially suspicious family members

- Jake humors a stern talking to from the most protective parent

- Jake reassures them that he cares about their daughter and will make a fine hubby

- Family members admit that, “This is the happiest we’ve ever seen [daughter's name]!”

- Family gives Jake their blessing to continue and marry their daughter

- Makeout session

And bing, bang, boom - just a Rose Ceremony and the episode’s done! *record scraaaatch* Or is it? Naw way!

Just when you thought each of these ladies had a solid chance at Jake’s heart and ring, Ali swings by his hotel room to tearfully deliver some bad news: she’s been gone from work too long and has to choose between staying on The Bachelor or keeping her job. *dramatic musiiiiiic!*

The Bachelor Season 14 Final Four

Like any sensible lady, she tries to push Jake into giving her a sign: can he guarantee that she will win if she drops her job for the show? Jake can only tell her that he would be devastated if she left, but makes no promises and has to surrender to the fact that her job is equally important - the final decision has to be hers. Ouch, no help there!

I loved this bit o’ real-life, outside-of-the-manufactured-reality-show drama. Ali has been very catty and passive-aggressive all season, but when it comes down to it, she’s an independent lady in San Francisco and has incredible, palpable chemistry with Jake. However, she’s also made it clear that she loooooves her job (allegedly an Advertising Account Manager at Facebook - helloooo!), and let’s not forget the economic climate we’re in! You’re lucky to have a steady job, especially one that you love.

A semi-tough call for the audience, but Ali is in complete turmoil over the decision. During the Rose Ceremony, Ali nervously asks to visit Jake and cries on his lap while weighing the options: keep her job or take a chance on Happily Ever After with the best catch of her life?

In the end, she makes (in my opinion) the right choice: Ali is heartbroken, but decides she must leave the show and keep her job. Poor Jake’s puppy face crumbles and as he sees her out, it looks like someone punched him in the gut. Welcome to the 21st century, Jake. Sisters are doin’ it for themselves and gotta bring home the bacon!

After saying goodbye, shedding a few tears and collecting himself, Jake turns on a smile and greets the other 3 women (whose calves must be killing from standing and waiting in heels for that long). No one needs to be eliminated since Ali peaced on out and an overall sense of relief washes over the girls to see one of the biggest threats gone. Jake lightens to mood to announce that next week, they’re heading to SAINT LUCIA! Beaches, bikinis, sunshine, hot tub makeouts…it’s going to be sexy reality TV gold.

Now that Ali’s gone (or is she? We see a clip of her calling Jake while he’s in St. Lucia next week), which lady will get the final rose? Though Gia’s my fave, my bet is on Tenley, who seems like the sort of sweet, gentle, small-town gal that will be a good match for our pilot.

And what about Ali? Do you think she made the right choice in leaving the Final Three (she wasn’t going to get cut last night) for her job? Let’s put it to a vote:

You can watch last night’s The Bachelor episode online right now! Click here to see the full episode!

Salvatore Romano Not Returning to Sterling Cooper

Posted by KAT in Mad Men

January 27th, 2010, 06:07 PM

Mad Men: Bryan Batt as Salvatore Romano

Golly.  It’s been a while since we’ve heard any Mad Men news, isn’t it?  Well, I’ve got some goss, and this one’s a doozy.

BAD NEWS ALERT: It seems that actor Bryan Batt, who plays Sterling Cooper’s closeted art director Salvatore Romano on the show, won’t be returning for season number four.  He was supposed to be notified of his status by December 31st, and didn’t hear a peep.

To refresh your mem, Sal was fired by Don Draper towards the end of season three (episode 9, to be exact) for not giving into Lucky Strike client Lee Garner Jr’s sexual advances.

Here’s what the brilliant Matthew Weiner, Mad Men creator, has to say about it:

“We don’t murder people on our show, but for there to be any stakes, there have to be consequences … I know how people felt about Bryan. I obviously love working with him, and he has been an indelible character since the pilot. But I felt it was an expression of the times that he couldn’t work there anymore. It’s the ultimate case of sexual harassment.”

You know what? I love Sal to pieces, and I’m really curious to see what happened to him outside that phone booth,  but I’m 100% okay with Matthew Weiner’s reasoning.  I really admire Weiner’s attention to detail and commitment to period accuracy.  This man is a true artist.  Nope, you won’t change my mind on this one.

But maybe Bryan Batt will!  Here’s what the Romano himself had to say about it:

“Keep those cards and letters coming. Start that Facebook group! There’s a million ways that he can come back, especially if time passes. Don does respect his talent. He is innocent. He did nothing wrong. Of course I would love to come back. It’s a heavenly place to work.”

And guess what?  The man asked for a Facebook group, and a Facebook group he shall receive.  Facebook user Christina Behnke rose to the challenge and came up with this.  Join if you feel strongly enough.  I’m staying outta this one.

[Source: New York Magazine]

Michael Cera to Rule Facebook?

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June 25th, 2009, 10:59 AM

Michael CeraThe people have a right to know: WHAT is Arrested Development’s Michael Cera up to RIGHT NOW?

He’s up for a role in the upcoming film The Social Network!  Get THIS: they’re making a movie about the rise of Facebook and our guy Michael Cera is up for the role of awkward head honcho Mark Zuckerberg!

Shia LaBeoufThe movie is to be based on an upcoming book called “The Accidental Billionaires.”  The script was supposedly written by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, and the whole shebang will be directed by The Curious Case of Benjamin Button director David Fincher.  Sounds way better than you expected, right?

Who else is up for the part besides Cera, you ask?  None other than Shia LaBeouf!  Now if you’re thinking LaBeouf’s not geeky enough, take my advice and don’t let that bad boy image he’s workin’ on fool you.  Dude was just about the hugest nerd on the planet on the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens in his youth.  Don’t forget your roots, LaBeouf!

May the awkwardest man win!  My money’s on Cera, no doubt.

[Source: CNET]

Ricky Gervais Pals Around With Elmo

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March 12th, 2009, 11:14 AM

Oh man.  Ricky Gervais of The Office (U.K.) and Extras recently sat down with Sesame Street’s Elmo to film a segment for the show’s 40th anniversary DVD set.  A few outtakes were leaked online and voila! The latest viral vid was born:

Kind of awesome.  I especially like when Gervais asks Elmo why he’s wearing pajamas.  Totally legitimate question.

And on a separate note, Elmo giggling is cuter than a kitten sneezing.  This forty-something-year-old li’l red-furred cutie really stands the test of time.  Like George Clooney.

But I digress.  Interesting semi-gossip for fans of The Office and Gervais this morning, too: The Mirror hints that Gervais may reprise his role as David Brent for the U.S. version’s final show.  Sounds pretty iffy at the moment, but I’ll take it.

For those of you U.S. Office fans who haven’t seen the U.K. version, you’re really missing out.  It’s more intense and possibly funnier.

My message to n00bs: watching The Office (U.S.) without having seen The Office (U.K.) is like joining Facebook without ever having paid your dues on MySpace (or Friendster, for that matter!).  Completely disrespectful.

Or whatever, just watch the U.S. flavor, see if I care.  It’s really good, after all.

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