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Saturday Night Live’s Jenny Slate Swears In

Posted by KAT in Saturday Night Live

September 28th, 2009, 04:18 PM

I’m sure you’ve all seen this in one place or another today!

New Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate dropped an F-bomb on this weekend’s season premiere (hosted by Megan Fox, with musical guest U2).  Here’s the clip, somewhat NSFW:

Oopsies!  I’m on live television!  I love her puffed-out I-made-a-mistake cheeks.

But don’t worry, everybody, big man in charge at SNL Lorne Michaels ain’t mad at her.  Here’s what he had to say:

“It was literally her first time on the show. There was nothing dirty, just a slip of the tongue. It was ‘frickin’, frickin’, frickin’ ‘ and then boom! The pain that Jenny is going through is, I’m sure, considerably worse than that experienced by anybody who saw it.”

Heh.  Kinda being a drama queen there, Lorne, but I’ll take it.

I’m seeing this as more of a fun viral video moment of the week than an actual big deal.  Hopefully Slate sees it the same way.  Poor girl!

[Source: TV Squad]

Michael Cera Melts It Down and Spoofs It Up

Posted by KAT in Arrested Development

February 9th, 2009, 04:49 PM

In the grand tradition of letting you know what Michael Cera is doing AS WE SPEAK, I’ve decided, against my better judgment, that it is important that I post this non-funny.

Arrested Development qt Mike C strapped on his LOLerskates and slapped together what I think to be a spoof of the Christian Bale freakout that hit the web last week:

For anyone who hasn’t heard, Bale went on a big ole angry tirade on the set of the new Terminator movie after a cinematographer broke his concentration during a scene.  Audio of the F-bomb-fueled rant has since been posted all over the internets and spoofed and remixed and mashed up and down all over town.  Heck, they even mashed Bale up with David After Dentist!

Michael Cera’s Bale-out on the set of Youth in Revolt is likely just a well-timed piece of viral marketing.  Not the funniest, I’d say.  And like, sorta played out.

Is it silly to call something that happened last week played out?  No. Cuz seriously, Michael Cera, Christian Bale spoofs are sooOOoo last week.  This is what you’re doing whilst not filming Arrested Development: The Movie?!  Why don’t you like, do a spot-on impression of Sarah Palin and then debate the merits of the American Office vs. British Office, and top it off with a convo re: how The Hills is TOTALLY FAKE??!?!

Those are all things that are played out, people.  But you know what isn’t?  Loving Michael Cera unconditionally.  Still do, regardless of the above.

What do you think he’s up to RIGHT NOW?

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