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The Next Best Superheroes

Posted by BRADY in Square Eyes

August 8th, 2011, 04:11 PM

Are you experiencing superhero fatigue? After a summer of Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Captain America and more, it’s definitely safe to say that Hollywood is in love with superheroes. Or the truckloads of cash they tend to bring in. Green Lantern was really the only superhero movie as of late that may struggle to be profitable (pretty ironic that it didn’t manage to bring in much actual green), the rest have filled enough studio executive pockets to ensure “superhero” is a thriving genre all it’s own. But with all the CGI, forced romantic subplots, tacky costumes and teases for endless sequels, it’s sometimes hard to really invest much in these characters. I kinda know Captain America isn’t going to bite it in World War 2 when he has to show up in The Avengers next summer to bicker with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man (something that should be pretty awesome). But that brings me to the pallet cleanser we’ve all been needing: HBO’s new original film, Superheroes, which premieres tonight, August 8th.

What makes this superhero movie so different? It’s a documentary. About real life superheroes. How awesome is that? The doc follows several real life “super” heroes from around the US in an attempt to understand what they do and why they do it. Some seem to be fairly normal people who really just want to help keep their cities safe. Some seem to just want an excuse to go out and fight people. Some are just complete nutjobs. But they all wear wonderfully tacky outfits and look like pretty fascinating people. Plus they have awesome weapons like stun guns and big sledgehammer fists! If the trailer is any indication it should be a fun/entertaining/poignant/troublesome documentary. Check out the trailer below! And seriously, any chance we can get a Project Runway crossover where the designers make new superhero costumes for them? My fashion sense is tingling!

When Reality TV Gets Real

Posted by BRADY in Square Eyes

October 22nd, 2010, 02:02 PM

A couch…of felons!

Hey reality TV stars: you know how Dexter gets to murder people and the dudes on Breaking Bad get to brew meth right there on the TV and no one does anything about it? That’s because they are fictional characters on scripted TV shows. Just because you step in front of a camera crew does not mean you get to live by TV character laws. As much as I hate to acknowledge that there are people like most of you existing in this world, you are REAL people. So don’t be too surprised when recording your every action leads to REAL trouble!

The most obvious case in recent weeks is the cast of Sister Wives, a reality show following the lives of Kody Brown, his 3 wives, their seemingly endless stream of children, and his new girlfriend. After catching a couple episodes, I have to admit it is fairly compelling TV. And they do somehow seem to have a healthier home life than lots of other “reality” families (but then again, with Jon and Kate as the mascots of the genre it’s not hard to seem decent). But come on folks, this isn’t Big Love, where Bill Paxton gets to have all the crazy Mormon wives as he wold like. This is America, where polygamy is illegal, even in Utah. And we’re talking felony illegal here. The state usually ignores polygamists, focusing legal efforts on only those with histories of abuse, but when you display your illegal lifestyle on national TV it’s kind of tough to ignore. So Utah officials are investigating the family and considering bringing criminal charges against them. Although they could be idle threats, if not we are in for a great season 2!

Kody Brown and his brood are technically breaking the law, but they really aren’t hurting anyone and actually kind of seem like decent people. Amber from Teen Mom? Totally different story. If you watch the show, you know she is the permanently spray-tanned, trashy, slap-happy one who broke up with her baby-daddy Gary and quickly met a felon at the Wal-Mart to date. A lovely choice of male presence to bring into your daughter’s formative years! But now the show has opened her up to more than just our awe-struck criticism: she could be facing serious legal trouble as well. There have been several instances on the show where she hit Gary (in slap, punch and kick form), but he just kind of walked it off nonchalantly. I guess it’s par for the course with her. But guess what? It’s on tape, and it’s illegal! You know what’s more illegal? Hitting your spouse in front of a child under 14, which she also did on camera! Good job, Amber! Local police, as well as Child Protective Services, are investigating to see if charges will be pressed. Gary isn’t going to press any, but you don’t really need witness testimony when it aired on MTV.

The weirdest part? The MTV camera crew might also face criminal charges, as it’s illegal to witness domestic abuse/abuse in front of a minor and not report it to authorities. Well, so much for the impartial, all-seeing eye of the documentarian I guess!

Gossip Girl S03E08: The Grandfather, Part II

Posted by KAT in Gossip Girl, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

November 3rd, 2009, 12:01 PM

Does anyone even watch this Gossip Girl show anymore?  This show is getting harder to follow than Queen Mum after a few drinks (that was funny, right?)!

Let’s break it down by character; otherwise, this shizz is way too hard to follow:

Dan Humphrey and Olivia Burke
Olivia for some reason doesn’t want to show bf Dan her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  She goes to great lengths to keep footage of the show from him, but he eventually comes across the clip.  It seems Olivia told Jimmy Fallon the story of her first date with Dan, in which he emerged from the bathroom with his shirt on inside-out.  Fallon starts calling him “Bathroom Boy,” it’s hilarious blah blah blah.  Dan ends up not really caring, just being bummed he forgot their one-month anniversary, yadda yadda all is right with the world.

Nate Archibald, Vanessa Abrams, and the Congressional Campaign
Gossip Girl: Vanessa AbramsNate’s cousin Trip van der Bilt is running for Congress.  Nate’s helping out while Vanessa documents the whole process for one of her snoozy short films.  She gets footage of Trip saving a drowning man in the Hudson River, but when reviewing the tape before selling it off to a local news station, learns that the whole thing was set up to make Trip look like a hero.  She warns Nate ahead of time so Trip can plan his PR plan of attack ahead of time.  What ends up happening instead is Nate tricking Vanessa into forking the footage over by sending a fake journalist to purchase the tape.  Vanessa later figures it out and gives him one of her b.s. moral authority speeches about how he isn’t the Nate Archibald she once knew.  Nate redeems himself later by taking credit for the whole set up, even though he had nothing to do with it.

BONUS: We all thought it was Grandfather William van der Bilt (p.s. love it how they all call him “Grandfather”), but it turns out to be Trip’s sneaky wife Maureen who was behind the whole shebang.  She confesses this to Grandfather with a shizz-eating grin on her face, because she knows he’s underestimated her in the past.  Grandfather responds that he actually doesn’t think about her much at all.  Disssssss!

Gossip Girl: Serena van der Woodsen & Blair WaldorfBlair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen
The girls are still pissed at each other over last week’s snafu with Chuck Bass’s Gimlet bar opening and whatnot.  Blair finds herself a new best friend in the form of some babe named Brandeis whose got a penchant for designer clothes.  Blair takes Brandeis to Trip van der Bilt’s election party at Chuck’s Empire Hotel, where Serena is attending with her new fake boyfriend actor Patrick Roberts, who she is dating only to keep her job as a publicist.  Patrick gets mondo drunk at the party and lets our friends know that Blair’s buddy Brandeis is not only a psych major at NYU, but a high-class call girl - she’s at the party looking for new clients!  Things get crazy, Blair gets drunk-as-a-skunk Patrick kicked out of the party, Serena tells Blair about her new friend’s actual calling in life, Blair gives her one of those takes-one-to-know-one lines, and S pushes B’s face into a cake.

Whew! Serena ends up feeling like a whore after all, quitting her job, and trying to make up with Blair - but Blair won’t have it.  Blair’s got a real life now, with school and a real relationship, while Serena’s floundering through life, alienating her family and friends.  Blair wants no part of it.  Could this be the end of Serena and Blair?!?!?!?

The episode ends with Blair crawling into bed with Chuck - she’s got no friends, but at least she has him, she says - and Serena running into newly-elected Trip at a bar and him joining her for a chat.  Both these scenes seemed foreshadowing to me.  Will Blair lose Chuck too?  Will something happen between Serena and Trip?  I certainly hope both of those questions are answered with a big fat NO.

Next week?  It’s supposed to be the big threesome episode we’ve been hearing buzz about (OM3!).  Who do you think it’ll be?  I’m half-assuming it’ll involve Olivia (you know how loose those Hollywood types are!), but I’m hoping Vanessa will be involved because maybe THEN she’d shut up.  Serena would be too obvious, no?

Maybe our girl Gossip will show up.  xoxo!

Paris, Not Smart

Posted by KAT in Paris Hilton's My New BFF, The Simple Life

July 29th, 2009, 10:00 AM

Not sure if this has aired on MTV yet, but I just came across a trailer for a Paris Hilton documentary called Paris, Not France. Check it out:

Bleh.  Personally, I hate Paris Hilton’s campaign to convince the public that she’s not a total dumbass.  It’s all a joke!  I act dumb cuz that’s what the public wants.  Barf!

This looks like a well-edited film produced to convince us she’s actually super deep and complex.  I’m not buying it.  And why is she complaining about not being taken seriously?  She did this to herself!  And all of a sudden she wants to be like Princess Diana but can’t?  A little effort to do anything besides carry around small dogs would be a good start.

Anyone who’s seen Paris Hilton’s My New BFF or The Simple Life can attest to Paris Hilton being hugely stupid.  She may be caricaturizing herself sometimes, but come on!   Some things you just can’t fake.

[Source: Allie is Wired]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Goes For the Gold

Posted by KAT in 30 Rock, Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine, The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

June 4th, 2009, 04:51 PM

Did anyone catch Julia Louis-Dreyfus on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien last night?

Now, I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: I loved her on Seinfeld and I love her on The New Adventures of Old ChristineJulia’s got comedy chops for miles, and she’s likable as hell.  Take a look at this charming broad:

Love her!  Oh, and if you wanna be in on the inside joke here’s footage of Julia stealing Tina Fey’s Emmy.  Cameo by you-know-who at the end, so wait for it!

And yes, Kenneth the Page DOES work at NBC ’round the clock.  Didn’t you know 30 Rock was a documentary?

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