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Heidi Got Nekkid and Project Runway Comes Back

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July 14th, 2011, 10:44 AM

Project Runway Season 9: Look at all these people!

Didn’t you know? Haven’t you seen the advertisements? Heidi Klum is so excited about (or scared of) Project Runway Season 9 (!!) that she took her clothes off! All her clothes fell off! She’s been a model for so long that it shouldn’t be that newsworthy, but maybe Lifetime is trying to tap into the male market (or lesbian, for that matter). Or maybe Project Runway just needed a bit of a kick in the pants. Or maybe, y’know, Heidi just felt like it. It’s her show! She can do what she wants!

We already know Our Lady of the K Kim Kardashian will be a guest judge, but what we didn’t know (up ’til now) was anything about the contestants. Problem solved, people! Problem solved. Lifetime has announced the cast! Despite a dearth of people from Northern California, it looks like a fun bunch. Another twist this year: they’ll start with twenty (20) and cut 4 in the very first episode! Crafty, Heidi, but way to pad the running time!

The starting twenty are (recognize any names or faces?):

- Amanda Perna, 25. Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Resides in: New York City.
- Anthony Ryan Auld, 28. Hometown: Linden, Texas; Resides in: Baton Rouge, La.
- Anya Ayoung-Chee, 29. - Hometown/resides: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
- Becky Ross, 38. Hometown: Calumet, Mich.; Resides in: Portland, Ore.
- Bert Keeter, 57. Hometown: Washington, D.C.; Resides in: Los Angeles.
- Bryce Black, 26. Hometown: Twin Falls, Idaho; Resides in: Portland, Ore.
- Cecilia Motwani, 34. Hometown: Cordoba, Argentina; Resides in: Woodside, N.Y.
- Danielle Everine, 26 - Hometown/resides: Minneapolis.
- David Chum, 29. Hometown: Merong, Battaan, Philippines; Resides in: Boston.
- Fallene Wells, 29. Hometown: Las Vegas; Resides in: Denver.
- Gunnar Deatherage, 21. Hometown: La Grange, Ky.; Resides in: Louisville, Ky.
- Joshua McKinley, 25. Hometown: Cleveland; Resides in: New York City
- Joshua Christensen, 29. Hometown: Snohomish, Wash.; Resides in: Los Angeles.
- Julie Tierney, 35. Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.; Resides in: Grand Junction, Colo.
- Kimberly Goldson, 35. Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.; Resides in: White Plains, Md.
- Laura Kathleen , 26. Hometown/resides: St. Louis.
- Olivier Green, 22. Hometown: International; Resides in: New York City
- Rafael Cox, 27. Hometown: Alamogordo, N.M.; Resides in: Atlanta.
- Serena da Conceicao, 31. Hometown: Kingston, N.Y.; Resides in: Brooklyn, N.Y.
- Viktor Luna, 30 - Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico; Resides in: New York City.

Looks like plenty of prima donnas, hipsters, divas, and assholes! Just like every season, eh? Gawker broke a nice story yesterday about Anya Ayoung-Chee, also known as Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008, who competed in the Miss Universe pageant, and had a sex tape scandal! Not just any sex tape scandal, a girl-on-girl, indignant ex-boyfriend sex tape scandal! Fascinating stuff! Nothing big has broken about any of the other contestants, although I do hope that grandpa Bert Keeter kicks major keister and shows the youngsters what-for. Yeah!

Project Runway returns Thursday, July 28th, at 9pm on Lifetime (formerly Television for Women, now Television for Women, and Men Who Love Reality Shows about Fashion).

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