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The Amazing Community/Cougar Town Cross-Over

Posted by BRADY in Community, Cougar Town

May 27th, 2011, 03:37 PM

The Pulp Fiction episode that led down this winding road to Cougar Town

If you don’t watch Community, this season there was a very special episode called “Critical Film Studies.” But before we get into what that was about, one thing’s first: what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you watching Community? It’s awesome. Anyway, the episode, although advertised as a Pulp Fiction homage, actually ended up being an homage to the quiet conversation film My Dinner With Andre, with the character Abed planning a My Dinner With Andre inspired birthday dinner with study-group pal Jeff. Throughout the dinner, Abed tells a tale of his recent visit to the set of the TV show Cougar Town and how he got to appear in a scene as an extra. The fact that he says Cougar Town (an awful, awful name for a TV show) about 27 times throughout a 4 minute story is what made it hilarious, but the joke just got a lot funnier. Oh and he also said he pooped his pants and had to run off set while they were filming, and that’s always funny.

Abed has referenced Cougar Town many times on the show, partially because it’s just a funny show for a pop culture nerd to be obsessed with, but also because several Community and Cougar Town producers worked together on Scrubs for years. Nothing wrong with a little cross-promotion! Dan Byrd and Busy Philips from Cougar Town even showed up in the background of the Community season finale to further mix things up. But on this week’s Cougar Town we finally got what we’ve been waiting for: Abed as an extra. In the scene he does everything you’d imagine Abed would (aka everything an extra never should: overacted, looked right into the camera, stared at the actors and even mimed their actions. Oh. and then he ran off set. Remember the pants incident I mentioned?

It’s a hilarious cross-over that exists just because it’s fun. Abed should show up on every TV show. Check it out:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lost

Posted by KAT in Gilligan's Island, Lost

May 18th, 2009, 04:34 PM

Lost explained!   All your questions answered:

Lost / Gilligan's Island cartoon


Gilligan’s Island actually crosses my mind quite a bit when I hear people discussing their Lost theories.  The Skipper and his li’l buddy never did make it off the island, after all.  Would you be surprised if it were the same exact island as the one inhabited by our friends on Lost?

Anything’s possible in this day and age, folks.  Haven’t you seen the Family Matters / Step By Step crossover episode?

Take Your Rose and Shove It - I’m After the Mirrorball

Posted by ERIN in Dancing With The Stars

March 10th, 2009, 12:35 PM

melissa rycroft dancing with the stars waltzSo despite yesterday’s lambasting, the premiere of Dancing with the Stars wasn’t too bad. Don’t get me wrong, I nearly went blind from the obscene amount of oompa loompa orange, spray-tanned skin (note to pro Lacey Schwimmer: know when to say no!) and sequined fringe, but it’s always fun to see these “stars” debut and wow us or make us cringe (ha, I rhymed).

Turned out that just-jilted The Bachelor dumpee Melissa Rycroft was probably one of the best performers of the night. Melly Mel was called in last minute to replace busted kneed Nancy O’Dell and had just 48 hours of rehearsal (compared to the 3-4 weeks that everyone else had). But I admit she looked great (her ballet and cheerleading training probably helped). I feel like I should root for her but who is she? What was she like on The Bachelor? I have no clue.

ABC must be rubbing their pudgy hands together in glee over this crossover.

We’ll see if Melissa can get ahead on sympathy votes and her natural dance talent. The couple to beat so far is Frenchman Gilles Marini (”the naked shower guy” from the Sex and the City movie) and his partner Cheryl Burke (who has no problem pimping out her partners or herself with sexy-sex appeal).

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