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President Tump No More

Posted by BRADY in Celebrity Apprentice

May 16th, 2011, 03:39 PM

I hope he’s holding out for Pope Trump

I have sad news everyone: it seems Donald Trump won’t be pursuing the White House with a Presidential run. Awwwww. That was going to be extremely entertaining. Much to the chagrin of late night comedians everywhere, Trump issues a statement today saying he would love to run for President, but he simply couldn’t because he has to stick with his first love: business. I’m going to assume all his ex-wives got very similar form letters. And if so I assume that means Trump will soon be running for President in a younger, thinner country.

It probably comes as no surprise that Trump made his big announcement during the week leading up the the Celebrity Apprentice season finale. After all, no matter how many “birthers” or tea partiers he duped into thinking he was a viable candidate who wanted to fight the “socialist” Obama administration, this was always about the publicity. Trump trolled the media and the entire country by proclaiming himself Obama’s chief rival and got himself and his TV show a heck of a lot of press because of it. There are a lot of very rich men out there, men even richer than Trump, but there’s a reason why he has made headlines for decades even before he had a TV show. Trump is a larger than life character who early on picked a persona and decided to milk it for all it was worth in the media, and at this point he’s essentially a caricature of the shrewd business man he once was. I found it hard to believe that a growing number of Republicans viewed a living cartoon character who hosts a reality TV show as a viable candidate, but I guess that’s where the birth certificate entered the picture. He picked one fringe issue with a very loud group behind it and assigned himself as their leader, assuring himself their support no matter how much his economic plans would harm them. I’ve gotta admit, he’s a smart dude! He really throws you off by having such a dumb haircut.

But hey, we still get our share of Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice! Because I really actually enjoy him on that show. He’s pretty entertaining.

TV News: The Good! The Bad! The Weird!

Posted by BRADY in American Idol, Celebrity Apprentice, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dancing With The Stars, Mad Men, South Park

April 23rd, 2010, 02:20 PM

I know it’s traditional to start off with the bad news and end with the good, but this week’s good news in TV is just too great to leave until the end. My TV is finally free of the two most annoying contestants on cheesy TV talent contests!

Anyone who reads Square Eyes knows about our fascination with Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars, in which we tune in every week to watch her attempt to dance/yell at her instructor/complain about how hard her life is/not spend time with her children, and then root for her to get kicked off because she is just so darn annoying and unpleasant. Well that day has finally come! And no one is apparently happier than the cast and crew of Dancing With The Stars, who had to live by Kate’s crazy rules on set, such as who was allowed to look at her and when. Yeah, that’s just full blown Howard Hughes style crazy.

Over on American Idol, Tim Urban (aka Sanjaya v.2010), who had been nicknamed “Teflon Tim” because of his miraculous survival on the show despite his horrible performances and reviews, finally got the boot as well. It only took until the Top 6, but now the show finally consists of only people who can at least carry a tune! Tim Urban, with his bizarre bowl haircut and persistent wide-eyed grin, looked more like the serial killer brother that wasn’t allowed to tour with the rest of the Partridge Family than a singer from this decade. I’m sure he will go on to great success touring with Justin Bieber on the “Our Terrible Hair Gives Tween Girls Aneurysms Tour.”

And now onto the bad news: Mad Men will be coming to an end in 2012, according to creator Matt Weiner, who planned the show for 6 seasons. I don’t even want to imagine a world without Don Draper drinking, smoking, picking up women, and spouting genius advertising ideas on occasion. Here’s to hoping for a better ending than the last critically-acclaimed show Weiner worked on, The Sopranos. Was this what the Mayans had predicted when they said the world would end in 2012?

In other unfortunate news, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are apparently going to get murdered over a cartoon. Yes, in this week’s episode of South Park the controversial pair attempted (yet again) to show a cartoon image of the Prophet Muhammad on the show, only to have it censored by Comedy Central (yet again) because of death threats. Let’s hope they survive long enough to make the Broadway musical about Mormonism they’ve been talking about!

And for the weird: a (supposedly real) website has been set up to “restore Stephen Baldwin,” who they claim has fallen on hard times because his outspoken born-again Christian ways have made him unemployable. The site is hoping to raise millions of dollars and restore Stephen Baldwin to his former glory. I didn’t know that appearing in Bio-Dome ever qualified as “glory.” More importantly, Stephen should have learned some business sense when he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. Or maybe he can appear again next season with this as his selected charity!

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