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Family Guy MacFarlane Set to Hassle the Hoff

Posted by ERIN in Baywatch, Family Guy, celebrity gossip

July 21st, 2010, 11:21 AM

David Hasselhoff and puppies picO’ David Hasselhoff: Ye of hairy-chested, slow-motion beach-running; sloppy, drunken cheeseburger-eating; baffling lounge-singing seduction of the German nation; and limited acting talent. We hail thee.

Since his stints on Knight Rider, Baywatch and as a former judge on America’s Got Talentthe Hoff’s been fading ever further from the limelight. You know what that means? He’s a perfect candidate for Comedy Central’s next humiliating celebrity roast!

Today, it was announced that acerbic Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, will be roast master and the event will feature roasters Pamela Anderson, Hulk Hogan and Jerry Springer - to name a few.

I hope Comedy Central secures more celebs to give the Hoff a proper rake over the coals. After all, David’s blessed our country and pop culture with a cornucopia of point-and-laugh fodder, so there should be no shortage of material for them to use! In yo’ face, Hoff Stuff!

The roasting of Mr. Hasselhoff will be filmed August 1st and aired on Comedy Central August 15th. Mark your calendars!

Past Comedy Central roastees have included William Shatner, Bob Saget, Chevy Chase and Pamela Anderson.


Full House: The Alternate Intro!

Posted by KAT in Full House

August 10th, 2009, 11:13 AM

Well, this is hardly funny!

As a San Francisco resident and long-time Full House fan, I find this “alternate intro” borderline offensive.  Press play and let me know if you agree:

The destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge - why, I never!  And to mispell both “Bob Saget” AND “Jodie Sweetin”?  HOW RUDE!

It’s smut like this that makes the Internets unsafe for today’s children.

[Source: BuzzFeed]

Cast of Full House Plan a Remake? How Rude!

Posted by ERIN in Full House

December 5th, 2008, 02:19 PM

I lurved Full House when it was part of ABC’s TGIF line-up. The hijinks those Tanners got into each week! Psycho-clean Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) is one of my favorite TV dads, Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) talked like Popeye or a woodchuck and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) was always pretending he was Elvis. Comedy gold!

So why am I so disturbed to hear this recent gab from Candace “Donna Joe ‘DJ’ Tanner” Cameron Bure?

“John [Stamos] has been working on a semi-remake of ‘Full House.’ I know it would involve me and Jodie Sweetin. We would revive our characters, but today as young women.”

Cast of Full HouseNO! That doesn’t sound remotely appealing to me. First of all, the actresses who once played Tanner daughters DJ (Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Sweetin) and Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) are no longer sweet “young women.” They’re now better known as Jesus freaks, over-siliconed meth addicts and boring waifs with eating disorders, respectively.

I ain’t want none of that.

Hollywood, stop the madness and leave the Tanners where they belong - to R.I. some P. in the graveyard of cornball sitcoms gone by.

And no funny ideas about bringing Family Matters or Step By Step back either. Let’s remember those lovable kids as they were, and not for being old arse bummers.

Need proof? Check this ABC TGIF fan MUST-SEE: Kids of TGIF: Where are they now?

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