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President Tump No More

Posted by BRADY in Celebrity Apprentice

May 16th, 2011, 03:39 PM

I hope he’s holding out for Pope Trump

I have sad news everyone: it seems Donald Trump won’t be pursuing the White House with a Presidential run. Awwwww. That was going to be extremely entertaining. Much to the chagrin of late night comedians everywhere, Trump issues a statement today saying he would love to run for President, but he simply couldn’t because he has to stick with his first love: business. I’m going to assume all his ex-wives got very similar form letters. And if so I assume that means Trump will soon be running for President in a younger, thinner country.

It probably comes as no surprise that Trump made his big announcement during the week leading up the the Celebrity Apprentice season finale. After all, no matter how many “birthers” or tea partiers he duped into thinking he was a viable candidate who wanted to fight the “socialist” Obama administration, this was always about the publicity. Trump trolled the media and the entire country by proclaiming himself Obama’s chief rival and got himself and his TV show a heck of a lot of press because of it. There are a lot of very rich men out there, men even richer than Trump, but there’s a reason why he has made headlines for decades even before he had a TV show. Trump is a larger than life character who early on picked a persona and decided to milk it for all it was worth in the media, and at this point he’s essentially a caricature of the shrewd business man he once was. I found it hard to believe that a growing number of Republicans viewed a living cartoon character who hosts a reality TV show as a viable candidate, but I guess that’s where the birth certificate entered the picture. He picked one fringe issue with a very loud group behind it and assigned himself as their leader, assuring himself their support no matter how much his economic plans would harm them. I’ve gotta admit, he’s a smart dude! He really throws you off by having such a dumb haircut.

But hey, we still get our share of Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice! Because I really actually enjoy him on that show. He’s pretty entertaining.

Bad Week for Trump and Flav

Posted by BRADY in Celebrity Apprentice, celebrity gossip

May 2nd, 2011, 05:03 PM

Trump looks like a pompous idiot in every photo that exists of him. It’s scientifically proven.

Despite both being reality TV stars, it’s hard to imagine two celebrities farther apart in every way than Donald Trump and Flavor Flav. But what tied them together this week was that it was a rather lousy week for the both of them.

First up is Celebrity Apprentice host/presidential hopeful/rich loudmouth Trump. Man, this guy just couldn’t catch a break. First Obama releases his birth certificate, proving that Trump has been wasting his time ranting and raving to anyone who would listen over the past month about a fairy tale. Then David Letterman, the elder statesman of comedy these days, came out saying Trump’s comments about Obama were racist and he was no longer welcome on The Late Show. Take a look at the people Letterman has feuded with over the years and tell me they’re not all deserving of a public smack-down: Sarah Palin, Jay Leno, Bill O’Reilly, etc. Welcome to the club, Trump! Next up Trump attended the White House Correspondents Dinner, where both SNL star Seth Meyers and President Obama turned the evening into a Roast of Trump with a slew of stinging jokes at his expense (which he didn’t look too entertained by). The following morning he put his foot in his mouth yet again by slamming Seth’s performance, saying he was a “stutterer,” an insult that the Stuttering Foundation of America didn’t think was very appropriate. Come on, this is a post-King’s Speech world! No more making fun of stutterers! Finally, on Sunday night, Obama took over every network TV station to announce that he had ordered the kill shot against Osama Bin Laden. Right when The Celebrity Apprentice was on TV. Boom! Sucks to be Trump.

And then there’s Flavor Flav. Oh, Flavor Flav…. The former Flavor of Love star first saw his short-lived friend chicken restaurant close down because…well…it was a fried chicken restaurant opened by Flavor Flav. Of course it shut down. It was open for a few months, which I assume means the health inspector’s were a few months behind and just finally got around to checking the place out. Forget a restaurant founded by the man, any building Flavor Flav walks into should have to burn all it’s now tainted food before spreading disease. But things got even worse for Flav when he was pulled over for a moving violation in Las Vegas on Friday and the police realized there were 4 outstanding warrants for his arrest. So what were the former Public Enemy hype man’s big crimes? Robbery? Assault? Crimes against Television? Sadly Flav is wanted for the most boring crimes ever: driving without insurance, driving without a license and a simple parking ticket. Come on, that’s not gangster.

I’ll Friggin’ Wed You!

Posted by BRADY in Jersey Shore

November 2nd, 2010, 02:38 PM

This t-shirt sets the tone

Poor New Jersey!  Just when you thought you were safe from Jersey Shore-related nonsense—The Situation is long gone from Dancing With the Stars, Jersey Shore is done for the season—VH1 decides to get in the mix.  Yes, last night brought us the new show (try to keep a straight face) My Big Friggin’ Wedding, following 5 unrelated couples as they plan and execute (let’s make that a pun) their weddings in the fine, yet beleaguered, Garden State.  Nia Vardalos, see what you started?!  Although, to be fair, these people do say friggin’ wedding quite a lot.  There’s nothing quite like spending some time watching stereotypes come to life, is there?  It’s like Jersey Shore met Bridezillas, who then had an affair with The Real World and The Bad Girls Club, then had a kid (My Big Friggin’ Wedding), and no one is quite sure who the father is.  It’s disgusting, intriguing, horrible and awesome, just like reality television should be! First, we met Johnny and MeginJohnny has culinary dreams (though he doesn’t really cook) and wants to make his line of meatballs—dubbed Johnny Meatballs—a success.  Megin just wants him to get a job, already, ya bum!  She herself has a job, a kid, and a bun in the oven.  Megin wants that bun out and about before the wedding, ‘cuz mama needs to get wasted! Tyler and Alyssa are from South Jersey, apparently totally different from North Jersey, and also have a kid.  And a house.  And a Mercedes!  Clearly I’m doing something wrong with my life.  Alyssa and her mom Marilyn are BFF, like sisters!  Eep. Joey and Sandra are tanning their way to happiness.  Think President Obama has an opinion on that?  Neither do I. Danny and Tammie are a multicultural, delusional couple who seemed destined for failure.  Danny’s kids have a problem with Tammie, as he cheated on his former wife with her, but as Danny says, “If it wasn’t Tammie it would’ve been somebody else.”  Classy. Finally, Matt and Amanda.  They met when Amanda was dating one of Matt’s friends.  The friend went to jail, Amanda hooked up with Matt, everyone wins.  Matt loves her, but boy does he love his mother!  Freaky.  And his mom has no problem talkin’ the smack behind their backs. Judging by the previews, things only get more, er, Jersey, from here on out!

VH1 showed sense, following the klassy couples with the lovely Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It.  His daughters Raine and Jorja just get better every week!

-This post brought to you by DIANA

Meet the Cast of The Real World D.C.!

Posted by KAT in The Real World

December 29th, 2009, 03:43 PM

Tomorrow night marks the premiere of the 23rd season of The Real World.  TWENTY-THREE!  Can you believe it?

Season 23 kicks off in Washington, D.C. with eight strangers.  Picked to live in a house.  And have their lives taped.  Now, I’m going to stop being polite and start getting real here, with a quick look at who to expect in our new Ikea-furnished abode…

The Real World XXIII: Washington, D.C.

The Real World: AndyThe Real World: AshleyThe Real World: CallieThe Real World: EmilyThe Real World: ErikaThe Real World: JoshThe Real World: MikeThe Real World: Ty

Top row, left to right: Andrew, Ashley, Callie, Emily
Bottom row, left to right: Erika, Josh, Mike, Ty

So you can read all their bios here, but why would you?  Isn’t it much more fun to predict what’s going to happen based on just these photos?

Okay, so basically, Andrew is a preacher’s son from the South who finds Ashley’s Latin good looks immediately appealing but really strikes out with her by calling her “so, so exotic” too many times.  This makes Callie, a tennis instructor from Miami, extremely happy, because she is secretly head-over-heels for Andrew.  None of this really matters to Emily, a bisexual Harley Davidson spokesmodel who’s deciding between Erika and JoshErika’s the tougher nut of the two to crack; not only is she not into girls, she’s not into boys, either.  She spends most of her time drinking coffee and experimenting with body art.  Community organizer Josh, on the other hand, is busy campaigning for Obama even though Obama’s already been elected into office.  At least it gets him out of the house!  Which is more than we can say for Texan Mike, who spends 80% of his time on the kitchen floor doing sit-ups.  The other 20% of the time, he’s out at the clubs experimenting with his sexuality.  Finally, we have Ty, who knows MTV expects him to be black and angry, and is anything but.  He sits and types sonnets on an old typewriter he brought with him from Portland.

Spot on, right?  We’ll find out tomorrow night now many of my predictions will come true.

Vote For Change: Bring Back Arrested Development!

Posted by KAT in Arrested Development

November 10th, 2009, 01:40 PM

I know, right?

Arrested Development Protest Sign

The current administration has turned a blind eye to the cancellation of Arrested Development.

Why the french is Michael Cera not leading this campaign?  And more importantly WHAT is he doing RIGHT NOW?

[Source: HuffPo]

Mad Men S03E12: The Grown-Ups

Posted by KAT in Mad Men

November 2nd, 2009, 12:38 PM

The shot heard ’round the world!  Oh boy.  Last night’s Mad Men concerned itself with an event the writers have been building up to over the past season: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy!

The episode starts with Roger Sterling’s daughter Margaret throwing a hissy fit over an extravagant wedding gift Roger’s wife Jane had given her.  That, plus wedding jitters have got the girl thisclose to shutting down the wedding. Roger and ex-wife Mona are able to talk her down and the wedding will go on - on November 22, 1963!

At Sterling Cooper, Pete Campbell gets called in to speak with Lane Pryce, who informs him that Ken Cosgrove, not Pete, has been promoted to SVP of Account Services.  Pete, however, has been bumped up to Head of Account Management, which doesn’t pacify him in the least.  He goes home and is ready to call Duck Phillips about the Grey job, only to be stopped by wife Trudy, who convinces him to wait it out at Sterling Cooper, to see how everything goes.

Duck Phillips, meanwhile, is busy getting sexy with our girl Peggy Olson on a regular basis.  They’re in the midst of one such lunchtime rendezvous when they get the big news: JFK has been shot and killed!

Mad Men: Duck Phillips & Peggy Olson

Everyone at Sterling Cooper has already heard in the meantime.  The phones are ringing off the hook, people are starting prayer circles, the office is general  havoc.  Back home, Betty Draper and housekeeper Carla sit in front of the TV in tears, shaken.

Mad Men: Paul Kinsey, Ken Cosgrove, Pete Campbell, Harry Crane

Don Draper?  Cool as a cucumber!

But Margaret’s wedding must go on.  The next day, we see Don and Betty questioning whether it’s still on, and realizing they must attend.  Pete, on the other hand, is on an anti-Sterling Cooper high horse, and decides to pointedly not go, because no one at Sterling Cooper is upset enough about JFK’s death.  He needs to make a stand!  Wife Trudy follows suit.

Everything at the wedding is a bit of a mess.  Only half the guests were in attendance, a handful were in the back room watching TV, the servers hadn’t shown up, nor had the cake… Oy. 

Betty spots lover Henry Francis across the way and is relieved to find the woman on his arm is his daughter.  Roger gives a charming speech, the bride and groom begin dancing and couples join them on the floor.  Betty can’t take her eyes off Henry, and husband Don, perhaps moved by the moment, gives her a big fat smooch on the dance floor.

Mad Men: Betty Draper & Don Draper

The wedding ends satisfactorily.  Roger and Jane are back at home and he’s annoyed with her.  It seems to me as though the generational gap is starting to take its toll on their relationship - Roger is treating Jane a bit more like a whiny teenager than a wife.  Even further, he relieves the stress of the long day by calling up former lover Joan Holloway.  She’s the only one who’ll say the right thing, he feels.  Uh oh!  Between Baby Jane and Dr. Greg, will we be witnessing a Roger/Joan reunion?  I can’t say I’d be disappointed.

Back at the Draper residence, Betty is still uncontrollably shaken by the murder of JFK…. which takes a turn for the worse when she watches the live murder of Lee Harvey Oswald on TV.  Betty decides to go for a drive and meet Henry, who has a shocking proposition: if she leaves Don, he’ll marry her.  She doesn’t have to decide right away; they kiss and part ways.

Mad Men: Henry Francis & Betty Draper

Betty’s emotions are running high!   She goes home and freaks out at Don, telling him she doesn’t love him anymore, the kiss at the Sterling wedding was passionless for her, that she can’t get past the lies.  Don responds with a calm “Everything will be fine,”  a phrase that is repeated over and over by characters in the episode.  He thinks Betty’s reacting to JFK’s murder alone and will snap out of it - though he’s clearly broken by her admissions.  Sigh.

Mad Men: Don Draper

The next day, Don shows up at the office to find a lone Peggy Olson there.  He declines her invitation to watch the state funeral, instead opting to drink alone in his office.  This is the weakest we’ve ever seen Don Draper; as he sits in his office with a drink, it immediately becomes apparent that his Oliver fantasy has crumbled.  Despite all his efforts, he has ended up truly alone.

A melancholy episode for sure.  I was stirred by not only Betty’s lack of feelings for Don, but the state of the Mad Men nation as they collectively mourned the death of their president.  I couldn’t help drawing the inevitable and uncomfortably eerie comparison between JFK and President Obama, as I believe the response would be quite similar to what we saw on the screen last night.  A feeling of hopelessness, of unfulfilled promises, of extinguished youth, a fear for the future.

In fact, the entire episode was nothing if not a slow chipping away of anything we ever had to hope for: the death of a promising leader, a disappointing career flop, the deterioration of a relationship in their early stages, the slow killing-off of a seemingly perfect marriage… the list goes on.  The Death of Hope episode ends with a fitting song: “End of the World” by Skeeter Davis.  Give this sucker a listen to further bum yourself out.

WOW!  Interesting, I thought, to have the JFK assassination fall in the second-to-last episode rather than the Season 3 finale.  What could they possibly have in store for us next week?  I’m shaking with excitement over here!

Quween Saves Adam Lambert From the Paps!

Posted by KAT in American Idol

June 5th, 2009, 04:27 PM

Great news to start your weekend, folks: QUWEEN IS BACK!

Last we saw her, Quween was advertising her services on Funny or Die, with an endorsement from Katharine McPhee. Staying true to her word, Quween continues to protect all our favorite celebs - er, favorite American Idol runners-up - from the evil paparazzi.

Here she is, helping American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert escape the flashing bulbs:

Kinda choppy, but you get the picture.  There ain’t nobody better than Quween at saving the day; Glambert made it to his car safe and sound.

President Obama should hire her.  Secret Service men got nothin’ on the Quween of the Scene.

[Source: Dlisted]

Obama and His Entourage Hug It Out

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May 8th, 2009, 03:51 PM

Ridonk!  Following President Barack Obama’s admission that he looooooves HBO’s Entourage, the fine folks over at Landline TV decided to cast Barry in a presidential version of his very favorite TV show.

Feast your eyes on the pilot episode of Obamtourage:

Lawlz!  I’ve gotta admit, I’m pretty into the Hillary Clinton character, and I wish that Joe Biden had more lines. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on the other hand, could’ve been better.  He’s WAY cuter in real life, after all.

FUN FACT: Entourage’s Ari Gold is based on real-life talent agent Ari Emanuel, brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, one of the dudes spoofed in this vid.

FUN FACT #2: Character Josh Lyman on The West Wing is supposedly based on Rahm.  So basically a spoof of a spoofed person is the brother of a guy who’s also been spoofed in one of the same spoofs.  Wait, did I get that right?

But I digress.  Back to Obamtourage!  Definitely a job well done, no?  Definitely one of the less cringe-worthy spoofs I’ve seen in a long, long time.  Kudos to Landline TV!

Bret Michaels in… A Letter From Death Row!

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April 20th, 2009, 05:31 PM

Hey-oohhhh!  Did everyone watch the Rock of Love Bus reunion special last night?  Could everyone see the regret in Bret Michaels’s eyes?  Holler at me, Team Mindy!  Taya ain’t nothin’ but a pair of squiggly eyebrows, if you ask me.

Now I know what you’re thinking: WHERE will I find something to watch next Sunday that’ll combine both Bret Michaels and bad acting?

I got your answer right here.  Find yourself a copy of psychological thriller A Letter From Death Row, written by (WHAM!), directed by (BAM!), and starring (SHAZAM!) Bret Michaels!  Oh, and no big deal, he soundtracked it, too.

Check out this trailer:

Bret’s acting is reminiscent of a young Joey Lawrence, no?  SO GOOD.  He plays convicted killer Michael Raine.  OOooOOooh!

And YES, that’s Martin Sheen!  Before he was dreamy President Barlet on The West Wing (step aside, Barack!), he starred as Bret’s papa in A Letter From Death Row.  And HELLO! They threw in a Charlie Sheen cameo as a bonus!

As for the plot, it’s basically Silence of the Lambs meets The Fugitive, except way better.


Kal Penn in the House! The White House, This Time

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April 7th, 2009, 11:42 AM

Wow.  Anyone watch House last night?  If not, I’m about to SPOILER ALERT yo ass!

House, M.D.: Kal PennSo basically, in last night’s episode, Foreman and 13 visit Lawrence Kutner’s apartment and find him dead!  Self-inflicted gunshot, straight to tha dome!  An out-of-the-blue suicide!  ZOINKS!

There’s a pretty sweet real-life reason for Kutner’s departure. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kal Penn, who plays Kutner (not to mention Kumar in the Harold & Kumar movies!) explains his exit was written in per his resignation.  After getting to know our v.kewl new president Barack Obama and staff whilst campaigning, Kal developed a huge interest in politics and will be leaving House to accept a position in the Obama administration.

He’ll be the associate director in the White House Office of Public Liason.  His role will be to connect Obama with the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities, in addition to arts and entertainment groups. Fancy!

Peace and love to Hugh Laurie, y’all!

This all reminds me of the time Scarlett Johanssen was like, OMG me and Barack are BFFs, we email all the time! and then the Barackster was all, ScarJo who?  Except Kal Penn’s connection to the president is legit, and he sounds like a smart dude.  Oh, and Kal Penn doesn’t waste my time talking about how real women have curves ’round the clock.  Pipe down, ScarJo!  You, too, Ugly Betty, while we’re on the topic.

For the full scoop, read the Entertainment Weekly interview.  And if you missed yesterday’s shocking episode of House, check back soon, as it’ll be available shortly here.

Good luck to Kal Penn!

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