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The Creepiest Show on TV

Posted by BRADY in TLC

December 9th, 2011, 05:38 PM

A still frame cannot do this horror show justice

I realize there has been a lot written about the creepy, unsettling, and at times downright scary new show American Horror Story, but I am here to tell you there is a much creepier, more unsettling, even scarier new show on the air. It’s called Virgin Diaries and it is disturbing and unnerving on a whole new level. TLC is no stranger to making me queasy and filling me with the urge to cover my eyes to avoid whatever they’re showing on screen (Sister Wives recently featured a very special birth episode that was so downright creepy and weird it made the Twilight: Breaking Dawn birth scene seem normal),  but this new show takes the cake. And trust me, TLC has a lot of cake to give out, they have the Cake Boss and all his various spin-offs to provide them.

Virgin Diaries, without a doubt, is more cringe-inducing then all the Saw, Hostel and Human Centipede movies combined. Whether it’s a 35 year old virgin telling a woman on their first date that he is a virgin (much to her dismay) or 3 virgin roommates (well, one of them “reclaimed” her virginity, so that’s a total cop-out) making up lame parody songs about being virgins, this show made me audibly cringe about every 30 seconds. Ricky Gervais, take notes. None of the cringe-humor in the original Office even comes close to this. But the real stars of this episode are the couple who have never even kissed up until their wedding day. Somehow they must have avoided seeing anyone kiss ever, because boy oh boy do they not know how to do it. Check out the commercial below, with their horrifying kiss at the very end. And then count yourself lucky. They kept doing that throughout their reception. Over and over. Again and again. Nightmare inducing stuff. And let’s not even get into their post-wedding night discussion of their awkward first time…

Summering into Fall

Posted by Diana in Linktastic, blinkx Remote, television news

September 8th, 2011, 05:30 PM

The cast of Terra Nova and their dinosaur fence!

It’s that time again, faithful readers! Moving from the frivolous summer television schedule to the slightly less frivolous fall schedule! (Less frivolity due only to the excess of cop/law/medical shows premiering, of course) My stars, I love fall! It’s cold outside–why not watch some new and improved television? And how! Wanna know where to find me every day of the week, starting this month? Lemme break it down for you:

As of September 26th, Monday nights will see me tuning into Terra Nova, that new Fox/Steven Spielberg-produced vehicle, on at 8pm (who watches TV before 8pm? Unless you live in Central Time, I guess). It’s an ambitious, expensive concept: an ordinary family travels back in time to live in prehistoric Earth. Shenanigans ensue! As long as Terra Nova doesn’t get dragged down by it’s own hype, it should prove fascinating. You know, hopefully. I’m also rather intrigued by Hart of Dixie (Summer Roberts returns!) and The Playboy Club, but that one might get dumped pretty quickly. Oh well, there’s always Castle.

I have given up on How I Met Your Mother, because OBVIOUSLY Ted is never going to meet The Mother. I mean, BARNEY IS GETTING MARRIED before Ted meets The Mother!

Tuesday. Glee. Meh. New trainers on The Biggest Loser! Sarah Michelle Gellar returns at 9pm on Ringer on The CW–that’s where I’ll be! Welcome back, Buffy! Otherwise, Tuesday’s a bit of a wash for me without Pretty Little Liars. Come back soon, ladies!

Wednesdays are a bit delicious, with the All Star edition of America’s Next Top Model at 9pm (competing with Modern Family), and newcomers Revenge (revenge in the Hamptons! Yes! Stealthy!) and American Horror Story (with the wonderful Connie Britton) at 10pm. Pretty solid for Hump Day!

The Vampire Diaries and Community are a tough choice on Thursday evenings, and L.J. Smith, original author of The Vampire Diaries, has another show on The CW: The Secret Circle, which is about witches. You better believe I was all over that shizz as a teenager, so don’t be surprised if I live inside my television on Thursday nights. Otherwise, Maria Bello tries to fill Helen Mirren’s remarkable, amazing, enormous shoes on the American version of Prime Suspect. We’ll see.

If vampires, witches, sitcoms and cop shows aren’t your thing, there’s always the new Beavis and Butthead. Just sayin’.

Nikita kicks off The CW’s Friday evenings–is Alex now bad? Will we see lots more of deliciously evil Amanda? Will Shane West finally have the combat training he so desperately needs? New show Grimm, at 9pm on NBC, sounds pretty amazing, and the preview was no slouch either. Once Upon a Time (premiering at the end of October on ABC) seems…sort of similar? We’ll see which one survives.

Saturday is always a dud–I use mine for college football, but Sunday offers up the return of The Walking Dead, now with new showrunner, new writers, and new chaos! Pan Am, featuring Christina Ricci, pops up at 10pm. People keep calling it the Mad Men of the skies, so let’s hope it can rise above (rimshot!) that.

That’s where to find me–what are YOU looking forward to watching this season? Recommendations always welcomed!

By the way…has anyone caught any Big Sexy on TLC?

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