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Square Eyes Poll Results: Best Show of the ’00s

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December 31st, 2009, 02:42 PM

This week’s poll results were somewhat surprising - to me, at least.  On Monday, we dared ask….

Q: What’s the Best TV Show of the Decade?

The West Wing cast

A: The West Wing!

And by a landslide (jk, not sure what constitutes a landslide)!  With just about a third of the vote, The West Wing swept our poll and won the ‘00 crown.  The Aaron Sorkin drama, set in the West Wing (duh) of the White House, first aired in late 1999 and ran seven years thereafter, collecting a number of Golden Globes and Emmys on the way.  Most episodes followed fictional Democratic president Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and his staff as they tackled legislative and political issues.  Though often criticized for its glorification of liberal administration and critiques of conservative politics, The West Wing was still a mayjah mayjah hit across America.

Stay class, readers!  I’m impressed with your high-brow tastes lately.  See you in the New Year!

Michael Cera to Rule Facebook?

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June 25th, 2009, 10:59 AM

Michael CeraThe people have a right to know: WHAT is Arrested Development’s Michael Cera up to RIGHT NOW?

He’s up for a role in the upcoming film The Social Network!  Get THIS: they’re making a movie about the rise of Facebook and our guy Michael Cera is up for the role of awkward head honcho Mark Zuckerberg!

Shia LaBeoufThe movie is to be based on an upcoming book called “The Accidental Billionaires.”  The script was supposedly written by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, and the whole shebang will be directed by The Curious Case of Benjamin Button director David Fincher.  Sounds way better than you expected, right?

Who else is up for the part besides Cera, you ask?  None other than Shia LaBeouf!  Now if you’re thinking LaBeouf’s not geeky enough, take my advice and don’t let that bad boy image he’s workin’ on fool you.  Dude was just about the hugest nerd on the planet on the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens in his youth.  Don’t forget your roots, LaBeouf!

May the awkwardest man win!  My money’s on Cera, no doubt.

[Source: CNET]

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