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The (Creative) Emmy Winners!

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August 23rd, 2010, 04:52 PM

Every year the best and brightest from the TV industry gather for an elegant show watched by millions to honor the biggest television achievements from the year and the beloved TV stars and shows that made those achievements possible. And a week before that, there’s the Creative Emmys.

The Creative Emmys are a chance for the industry to honor those who do much of the real work behind the cameras to make the shows we watch possible. You know, the people that TV viewers could not care less about. Which means very few people check out the Creative Emmys, despite many of the stars showing up. Oh yes, there are fashionable stars there, but they might as well call the red carpet coverage of the event the “Back-Up Emmy Dress Parade.” But this year they moved some of the usually prime-time categories to the Creatives, meaning that we got a few acting awards a week early. Come on, you know the actors are what you tune in for anyway!

The big winners (that we’ve actually heard of) came in the Guest Actor/Actress categories. John Lithgow won for his guest role as the Trinity Killer on last season of Dexter, a well-deserved win for a truly creepy and disturbing performance on an already creepy and disturbing show. The new season of Dexter has a lot to live up to after he set the bar so high! John Lithgow’s return to TV in this role after years on the wacky alien sitcom 3rd Rock From The Sun rivals Bryan Cranston’s transformation from good-natured, inept dad on Malcolm in the Middle to meth-brewing cancer victim on Breaking Bad as far as nice guys you wanna laugh at becoming very sad and disturbing men. Speaking of, will Bryan Cranston win Best Actor third year in a row? Probably!

Neil Patrick Harris won for his guest role on Glee (where he sang a pretty awesome version of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”), kicking off what is sure to be a slew of awards for the extremely hyped show. If not I think downtown LA might have a full-fledged Gleek riot on their hands. Those are some hardcore fans. Board your windows, producers of other award-nominated comedies! Some very well-choreographed gangs might be coming your way. The third big winner, of course, was Betty White. Was there ever any doubt that she would win for her stint hosting Saturday Night Live? I think she might sweep the rest of the awards, even categories she’s not nominated for. Best Actress, Best Drama, Best Sound Editing. The people have spoken, just give them all to Betty!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Makes a Splash on SNL

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November 23rd, 2009, 04:04 PM

Did anyone see Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosting Saturday Night Live this past weekend?  The child-actor-turned-indie-actor did an incredible rendition of “Make ‘em Laugh” from Singin’ in the Rain as part of his introductory monologue.  Check this out:

That energy!  That enthusiasm!  That dopey grin!  Those jogging-on-the-wall-backflips (technical term)!  I’m truly expressed.  I always liked the li’l guy on 3rd Rock From the Sun but had no idea he had such showtune chops.  I might have to watch that 500 Days of Summer movie after all (even though movies about people who like music make me cringe).

Joseph Gordon-LOVE IT!.  What you got, Michael Cera?

When Teen Idols Attack: Gordon-Levitt vs. Cera

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January 27th, 2009, 02:58 PM


This is probably my fave feud since the days of Hilary and Lindsay fighting over Aaron Carter back in 2004 (miss you guys!).

It’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt vs. Michael Cera, center stage at Sundance!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Michael Cera

According to Lainey Gossip, Joseph G-L, who got his start on 3rd Rock From the Sun and has worked on a few critically-acclaimed indie films since, ain’t much of a Michael Cera fan.  He was overheard declaring that he wasn’t really into Michael C’s body of work, before backhandedly conceding that Cera “took a script as annoying as Juno and made it into a good piece of work.”

SNIZAP!  I’M SO SORRY, Joseph Gordon-Levitt! It must be SO HARD living life as an absolute genius stuck in an adolescent’s body, oh wait, that was your character Tommy on 3rd Rock From the Sun.

Meanwhile, my boy Mikey C (of Arrested Development, doi) attended a screening of Joseph’s directorial debut, a short film called Sparks, and got all bitchcakes right smack dab in the lobby of the theater after the show.  Mike was overheard saying that Sparks was the least interesting of the seven shorts shown and generally lacked anything impressive or memorable.

SHAZAM!  EXCUSE ME, Michael Cera, I was too busy being impressed with and remembering Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist to catch your meaning!

Joseph’s in town promoting both Sparks and 500 Days of Summer, a quirky anti-rom-com (I don’t make this stuff up, people) co-starring favorite actress of every girl with bangs, Zooey Deschanel.  Meanwhile, Michael’s in Utah premiering Paper Heart, a film co-written by his ladyfriend Charlyne Yi.  Michael and Charlyne play themselves falling in love whilst filming a documentary about love.  Awkwardness ensues.

CUTE OVERLOAD!  I’m like thisclose to puking hearts and tickling the soft down underbelly of a grey and white striped kitten in anticipation of these films.

CATFIGHT WINNER: Can’t deal with these two.  They both lose!

Hey!  What do you think Michael Cera’s doing RIGHT NOW?!

Awk Couple Alert: Elisabeth Moss & Fred Armisen

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January 23rd, 2009, 10:13 AM

Elizabeth Moss & Fred Armisen

OMFG!  Not since I found out Dexter married his sister have I had such a case of the cringey stinkface.  Awkward new couple alert!

So apparently Mad Men / The West Wing’s Elisabeth Moss and Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen have been canoodling for like months and months and nobody told me.  Thanks a lot, blogosphere!  I thought this was the information age,  you dummy.

And to top it all off, now they’re engaged to be married!

Weirded out, you guys.  Those two are gonna have the ugliest kids EVS!  All greasy bangs and pores like dinner plates.  Yeccchhh!

I’m tired of all these mismatched surprise couples.  Next thing you know, Don Draper’ll be dating that pig-nosed chick from 3rd Rock From the Sun.

Ha!  Dunno why I thought of her.

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