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Gilly to Host Saturday Night Live Christmas Special

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December 8th, 2009, 05:47 PM

Great news for Kristen Wiig fans (this should mean everybody)!  The Saturday Night Live comedienne extraordinaire will be hosting a holiday special called SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas” on December 17th at 8 recurring character Gilly.

In case you’ve never witnessed the sheer brilliance of Gilly, feast your eyes on this genius:

LOVE IT!  Though I understand Gilly’s not for everyone.  Me and my mom chortle our way through these sketches, while dad and bf scratch their heads in confusion.

Translation: you have to be really smart to enjoy Gilly.

So anyway, the Christmas special will feature new Gilly sketches, as well as SNL classics from Yuletides past. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will also be making guest appearances on the special introducing past skits “NPR’s Delicious Dish and the Schweddy Balls” (ugh, hate this joke) and  “A Holiday Wish” (dunno it).

Alec and Steve?  Total Oscar promo, am I right?  Nice.


CBS Cancels As the World Turns

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December 8th, 2009, 05:11 PM

As the World Turns: Meg RyanOh noes!  Following news that CBS would be canning Guiding Light, soap opera fans have another casualty to mourn: As the World Turns!

CBS has decided not to renew the soap for the 2010/2011 season, thus ending the show after 54 years in September of 2010.

The show launched many Hollywood careers, including big names like James Earl Jones, Julianne Moore, Parker Posey, Meg Ryan (pictured right!), Marisa Tomei, Courtney Cox, and Martin Sheen

What’s with all the soap cancellations, CBS?  These shows are INSTITUTIONS!  Grandmothers everywhere are left with just The Young & the Restless and The Bold & the Beautiful to watch on CBS.  NOT ENOUGH!

What are grannies gonna watch?

[Source: ONTD]

Gossip Girl S03E12: The Debarted

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December 8th, 2009, 12:28 PM

Hey, is Gossip Girl turning into a daytime soap? Car accidents, mistresses, political scandals, good kids gone bad, love triangles, moms back from the dead… all signs point to yes!  Here’s what went down…

Jenny Humphrey & Eric van der Woodsen
SO TIRED OF THESE TWO.  So they’re still rivals, I guess, but they’re really boring about it.  Jenny gets some rare designer handbag, so Eric has some cute dark-haired girl named Sawyer get it too, to piss Li’l J off and make her look bad in front of the minions when she tells Sawyer to get rid of it.  But then Jenny buys everyone rare designer handbags and everyone’s happy.  Then Eric and Jenny make up and its SO BORING.  But are they made up for good?

The end of the ep sees Jenny out on the town with Damien, the drug-dealing son of an ambassador.  It seems Li’l J’s been dealing drugs!  So stoked.  She’ll look helluv cute in juvie.

Gossip Girl: Jenny Humphrey & Damien

Dan Humphrey & Vanessa Abrams

So Dan is STILL crushing on Vanessa and isn’t sure what to do.  She invites him up on a weekend getaway with her and her new bf Paul Hoffman and some cute girl named Willa Weinstein, but he can’t decide whether to go.  Buddy Nate Archibald suggests he either a) confess his feelings or b) start up with some random college hook-ups.  Dan tries b), by trying to hook up with Willa (wearing gold lamé!) but it just don’t feel right and he stops.

On to a)!  In a moment of high emotion, Dan tells Vanessa he loves her.  “I love you, too,” she says, but in a BFF way.  He starts explaining himself, but she stops him and tells him people say things they don’t mean when under stress, and basically brushes him off.

Though pretentious and terrible, Vanessa’s not stupid.  Babe knows what’s going on.  Is she totally over Dan? Will she be ready to address the issue after she’s thought things through?  Eh, can’t say that I care.

Serena van der Woodsen & Trip van der Bilt
Serena’s shacking up with Trip at the family’s country estate, acting like such a teenager.  Zomg where’s the wifi, where’s the TV wah wah wah.  Meanwhile, Trip gets a phone call and tells S he’s off to meet with grandfather.  But guess where he goes?  Off to see wife Maureen!  It seems Maureen is okay with him seeing Serena privately, as long as they’re together publicly - she thinks this fling is just a phase.  Maureen then tells Trip she’d like to speak with Serena, which he agrees to because he’s sooooo spineless.

Gossip Girl: Maureen van der BiltSo Maureen talks to Serena and basically lays it all out for her: “You can have him in private, but I get him in public…I’m Jackie, you’re Marilyn.”  She whips out the letter from Serena’s dad Keith van der Woodsen as blackmail - if S doesn’t agree to the plan, she’ll tell Rufus what’s in that note, which is essentially something about mother Lily and Keith spending the night in a hotel room together while she was supposedly at CeCe’s.

Serena is freaked out and calls mommy, telling her she wants to go home, everything is horrible.  Lily promises her she’ll tell Rufus everything.  Serena starts leaving to find a cab, right as Trip comes home.  Serena’s super pissed at him and wants to leave.  He convinces her to let him drive her back, which she agrees to - but no talking, plz.

BOOM CRASH POW!  Trip swerves to hit a pack of wolves (Wtf? Twilight crossover wolves?) and crashes the car.  Serena is hunched over the dashboard, blood spilling from her dome.  Trip gets out of the car, unscathed, and calls MaureenMaureen waves her magic PR wand and ding!  Serena has been transferred to the driver’s seat and is now the lone car crash survivor and is rushed to the hospital.

But Nate knows everything!  He had been on his way to the country estate to see Serena when he came across the accident.  Nate confronts cousin Trip in front of the hospital, and after Trip responds like a wuss, Nate punches his lights out!  So awesome.  P.S. Do people still say “punch his lights out”?  I hope so. 

Lily rushes to the hospital to see Serena, and tells her that she still hadn’t told Rufus about the letter, which bums her out. Lily leaves to tell confront the situation, but unfortunately, she’s too late: Maureen has already gone to Rufus with the note.  We later see him meeting one of the trophy wives he’d met earlier in the episode at a bar - he needs to talk to someone who can relate.  Get it?  Rufus is a trophy husband who’s been tossed aside!

Serena wakes up in the middle of the night and sees Nate asleep in a chair and her room.  This makes her happy.  Love is blooming!

Chuck Bass and the Ghost of Bart Bass
Finally, a Chuck Bass storyline we can sink our teeth into!  So basically, it’s the anniversary of Chuck’s father Bart’s death, and so he keeps imagining the old-timer everywhere.  Bart is constantly over Chuck’s shoulder, criticizing his business deals and telling him he’s gone “soft” because he’d let gf Blair Waldorf into his heart.

Gossip Girl: Bart Bass & Chuck Bass

Obv, this causes Chuck to act like a huge dick to Blair, who keeps trying to comfort him on his day of grief.  Dude keeps pushing her away, but she understands what’s going on and is persistent.

On his way to an important meeting, Chuck gets a call about step-sis Serena’s accident and asks his driver to turn the car around to the hospital.  Of course, Bart shows up and tells him he sucks, he’s gonna lose the deal.  Chuck manages to disregard dad and heads to see his fam.

At the hospital, Chuck relives the scene of  his father passing away - seeing Bart on his deathbed, being overwhelmed with emotion, and rushing past Lily and Serena out the door.  Chuck panics and collapses on the hospital floor.  Blair comes out to talk to him and tells him he’s strong, that he had grown up to be the man his father never was - someone who cared about people and confronted his emotions.

Chuck takes Blair’s words to heart and decides to visit his father’s grave - and is met with a strange woman at the gravestone, who calls out “Charles!” and runs off.  Confused, Chuck approaches the grave and finds a locket with an “E” and a picture of Bart on it.

HELLO!  This is clearly Chuck’s mother, am I right?  His mom’s name had been Evelyn (E locket!), she’d brought yellow flowers (mom’s fave!), and Blair had mentioned Chuck had never been to her gravesite because Bart thought it was morbid for children to visit cemeteries.  Basically, Evelyn Bass is alive, right?

We’ll find out… when?  It’s unclear when Gossip Girl will return from winter hiatus, but I hear it may not be until March.  Sheesh!  Way too long!

I’ve enjoyed these past two episodes.  Don’t quit on me now, Gossip Girl!  xoxo!

Square Eyes Poll: Which TV Show Will You Miss?

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December 7th, 2009, 05:38 PM

Square Eyes Poll: Hibernation

As the hoilday season approacheth and 2k9 coming to a close, more and more beloved television shows have either already ended their season, or are closing down shop for the winter (and sometimes longer!).

As we wave goodbye, I wannnnnnaaknoowwww:

Vote now! Before it’s too late!

Rihanna Feat. Shy Ronnie

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December 7th, 2009, 03:51 PM

From this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, we’ve got Rihanna, in a collaboration with Shy Ronnie:

Hilars!  Though Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively was this past weekend’s host, I really think Shy Ronnie stole the show.  That Andy Samberg sure is good at making up characters.  Rihanna was pretty good, too.

Mr. Burns Loses NYC Mayoral Race By a Hair

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December 7th, 2009, 01:48 PM

The Simpsons: Montgomery BurnsOh man!

If you ever needed a decent reason to move to New York, this is it: the curmudgeonly Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons earned almost 10% of the write-in vote in the New York City mayoral race.

Mr. Burns unfortunately lost out in the end to Michael Bloomberg - but strong showing nonetheless.  Politics is a cheap mistress anyway.

Release the hounds, Smithers!

[Source: Pop Eater]

James Franco Claims General Hospital Stint Was Art

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December 4th, 2009, 05:25 PM

General Hospital: James Franco

Are you kidding me?  Life can be very confusing sometimes, and this is one of those times.  Now, we all know actor James Franco has been guest starring on General Hospital for the past few weeks, but did we know it was all performance art?  Blow my mind, James Franco

James Franco wrote an essay for the Wall Street Journal, in which he a) professes his love for performance art, b) enlightens us on the topic of performance art, and c) claims his stint on General Hospital was performance art.  I kid you not:

“I have been obsessed with performance art for over a decade—ever since the Mexican performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña came to visit my class at Cal Arts summer school. I finally took the plunge and experimented with the form myself when I signed on to appear on 20 episodes of “General Hospital” as the bad-boy artist “Franco, just Franco.” I disrupted the audience’s suspension of disbelief, because no matter how far I got into the character, I was going to be perceived as something that doesn’t belong to the incredibly stylized world of soap operas. Everyone watching would see an actor they recognized, a real person in a made-up world. In performance art, the outcome is uncertain—and this was no exception. My hope was for people to ask themselves if soap operas are really that far from entertainment that is considered critically legitimate. Whether they did was out of my hands.”

This begs the question: wtf?  If you have to explain it, it’s not funny, James Franco.  Why would a person do a thing, and then explain to his/her audience that it was performance art?  Part of the art would theoretically lie in how we interpreted it, right?  Seriously, somebody smack this douchebag on the backside of the head.

Unless: there is an alternate explanation.  Is it possible that the actual performance art at hand is James Franco claiming his time spent on General Hospital was performance art (in the WSJ!)?  That, and enrolling in two MFA programs and being photographed asleep in class?  Because THAT might be funny.

Ugh.  Mind-eff.  I gotta lie down.

Square Eyes Poll Results: American Idol Album

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December 4th, 2009, 01:00 PM

Polls are closed! Time for results!

Q: Which American Idol’s Album Will You Be Picking Up?

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment

A: Adam Lambert!

The American Idol Season 9 runner-up released “For Your Entertainment” on November 23rd of this year.  The next day, Lambert scandalized audiences everywhere with a racy performance of the title track at the American Music Awards.  The performance, which involved openly-gay Lambert kissing his male keyboardist and pushing a dancer’s head into his pelvis, infuriated the Parents Television Council (buzzkills!), who urged viewers to complain to the FCC.  The complaints received resulted in the cancellation of a scheduled Lambert appearance on Good Morning America

Lambert’s take, from Rolling Stone: “Female performers have been doing this for years—pushing the envelope about sexuality—and the minute a man does it, everybody freaks out. We’re in 2009—it’s time to take risks, be a little more brave, time to open people’s eyes and if it offends them, then maybe I’m not for them. My goal was not to piss people off, it was to promote freedom of expression and artistic freedom.”  Well put!

Thanks to all who voted!

Controversial Jersey Shore Premieres Tonight

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December 3rd, 2009, 12:29 PM

Tonight, the television event of the century!  Jersey Shore premieres on MTV at 10 p.m.!  If you’ve yet to hear about the new reality series, take a gander at the trailer:

UNICO, an Italian-American service organization, is already protesting. UNICO’s Andre DiMino told MTV News he’s tired of seeing Italian-Americans portrayed as “either Mafiosos, buffoons, bimbos or bums” and worries that the show may perpetuate negative stereotypes. “Just because these young people refer to each other [as 'Guidos'] doesn’t make it proper,” DiMino added.

The group previously protested The Sopranos as well.

So what do Jersey Shore cast members think of all this? Here’s what Mike “The Situation” Sorrentio had to say:

“I just happen to be 100 percent Italian, I happen to be in very good shape and my hair happens to be spiky… It’s not necessarily a stereotype; it’s just how it is… I know I didn’t hold back and I’m not too worried about what people think. When I look in the mirror I feel good.”

Well put (I guess?)!

MTV didn’t seem to care much, either.  Here’s the statement they put out:

“The show continues MTV’s history of documenting various subcultures, rites of passage of young people, and the ways they self-identify. The Italian-American cast takes pride in their ethnicity.”

Fair enough.

Hmm.  Maybe I should be protesting Dorota from Gossip Girl.  She’s a Polish maid after all, not a Polish doctor or high-powered executive.  Though she is extremely lovable, much like the rest of my people.

I’ll get back to you on this one.

So You Think You Can Dance 6: Top 10 Elimination

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December 3rd, 2009, 12:11 AM

It’s a landslide victory! Over 70% of you voted that Ellenore Scott & Jakob Karr’s Contemporary number by Sonya Tayeh was the best Top 10 performance last night. America agreed and kept them safe from elimination tonight.

Short results episode of So You Think You Can Dance tonight so let’s do it. Videos (by MJ) and summary… down there:

GROUP DANCE: (song: “It’s Still Rock ‘n Roll to Me” by Billy Joel) - I should’ve known this scattered routine was the work of my choreographing nemesis, Tyce DiOrio, when I kept wondering, “Who the hell thought it made sense to pair this cornball song with dancers looking like 1980’s glam-rock-hobos with face paint on??” Everyone looked like Adam Lambert, married couple Ashleigh & Ryan vacuum-sucked face so hard that I almost threw up and there was just no cohesion between the music and movement. Dances by Tyce? Not so nice. *snort* Last week’s oddball, Alice In Wonderland-inspired group dance by Tabitha & Napoleon is MUCH more worth your while to watch! extremely creative.

Tyce’s lame-butt group dance - VIDEO

Tabitha & Napoleon’s Top 12 group dance (song: “What’s a Girl Gotta Do?” by Basement Jaxx feat. Paloma Faith) - VIDEO

We’re now at a point where only viewer votes count. The judges can no longer decide who stays and who goes, and you know that also means the bottom contestants don’t DANCE FOR THEIR LIVES - they just DANCE FOR NO REASON. There’s nothing they can do to save themselves.

First, Cat whittles the 5 ladies (still with silly hearts or stars painted over one eye from the Group dance) to the Bottom 2. Kathryn and Noelle have the lowest votes and must go change to DANCE FOR NO REASON. VIDEO

Then, Cat calls the 5 gents out (who all have like a big unibrow on as make-up from the Group dance *shaking fist at Tyce for sucking*). Ryan is in the Bottom and wifey Ashleigh responds as wives should and gets all teary and worried. Then, my love-your-face-but-hate-your-cockiness boy Nathan is also put in the Bottom. VIDEO

While the 4 dancers get pumped to DANCE FOR NO REASON, we are treated to the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers doing various hippity hip hop and breaking moves. Some stuff was eye-popping, some was just weird. Worth viewing though! (song: “Yellow” by Vitamin String Quartet) – VIDEO

Next, our Bottom 4 dancers DANCE FOR NO REASON. Some re-hash material from last night, and some (like Nathan) do new material. Noelle and Ryan are up first (VIDEO), followed later by Kathryn and Nathan (VIDEO). I loved Nathan’s solo - I always do.

Am I so old that Snoop Dogg is now considered “a living legend” (as Cat referred to him)? Seriously?? Anyway, he raps as breakdancing crew Qwest do their thing. Snoop’s microphone is awesome and says “SNOOP DOGG”. (duh). VIDEO

ELIMINATED: Noelle Marsh & Nathan Trasoras - VIDEO

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Nathan got fewer votes than old man Ryan Di Lello?? Wow. That’s gotta be humbling. Early in the season, I (along with many others) had predicted and hoped that Nathan would make it very far this season, but unfortunately he just didn’t make the right impression. Too bad, he was so purdy! I am, however, becoming a Kathryn fan, so I’m glad she got to stick around for one more week (shoo, Mollee, shoo already!). What did you think of tonight’s elimination? Were you shocked that Nathan got the boot so soon? Fill out the poll and let us know!

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