Coming Soon: The Golden Chicas!

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September 17th, 2009, 11:30 AM

The Golden Girls

ZOMG!  Could this day get any better?

Jezebel’s got the scoop:

According to a press release, Disney’s announced “a Latin American reversioning” of The Golden Girls, Los Años Dorados. It’s tailored for a Hispanic audience with actresses from Mexico, Colombia and Cuba; set in Miami and filming in Venezuela. ¿Cheesecake, anyone?

Oh HELL YES!  I haven’t been this excited since the Turkish Golden Girls were announced.

What do you think?  Blanche Deveraux, Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nyland, and Sophia Petrillo recast with a group of senior Latinas?  Muy bien!

I hope the “reversioning” includes infusing The Golden Chicas with some local flavor.  Flan instead of cheesecake?

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