The Best Faceless TV Characters of All Time

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July 21st, 2009, 10:00 AM

Those kooky kids over at College Humor have put together a fantastic list of television characters we never see - meaning those TV folks who are constantly referenced but never appear, or show up now and then with their face obscured or back turned.  Of the 12 listed, my 3 favorites:

My So-Called Life Cast

Tino from My So-Called Life

Probably the coolest non-character that never existed.  Whether fronting Jordan Catalano’s band Frozen Embryos (or Residue or whatever) or cutting class, everybody at Liberty High knew Tino.  Him and Rayanne likely ended up together and fought their alcoholism side-by-side.  I always pictured him as a really big, burly Hispanic guy.  What kind of name is Tino anyway?  Hmm, possibly Italian. Perhaps I’ll revise my vision.

NMuppet Babies: Nannyanny from Muppet Babies

This elderly babe had a full on MENAGERIE to deal with.  We’re talkin’ Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, THE WORKS!  A brave woman, all us viewers at home ever saw of Nanny was a pair of green striped socks.  We can only assume she looked like a wacky Bea Arthur, cuz from the size of those purple high tops and the the sound of that deep voice, she must’ve been a large woman.  What do you think?

Home Improvement: Wilson

Wilson from Home Improvement

I never was much of a Home Improvement fan, but I did get a kick out of Wilson’s obscured face during fence-side chats with Tim the Toolman Taylor.  It was like middle America’s take on Catholic confession, you know?  Very charming.  Though I did later go on to find out what actor Earl Hindman actually looks like, I still to this day picture Wilson as Max Wright, the dad from ALF.  He was definitely wise looking.

Is the College Humor list missing any notable faceless characters?  I sure can’t think of any.

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