Ricky Gervais Pals Around With Elmo

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March 12th, 2009, 11:14 AM

Oh man.  Ricky Gervais of The Office (U.K.) and Extras recently sat down with Sesame Street’s Elmo to film a segment for the show’s 40th anniversary DVD set.  A few outtakes were leaked online and voila! The latest viral vid was born:

Kind of awesome.  I especially like when Gervais asks Elmo why he’s wearing pajamas.  Totally legitimate question.

And on a separate note, Elmo giggling is cuter than a kitten sneezing.  This forty-something-year-old li’l red-furred cutie really stands the test of time.  Like George Clooney.

But I digress.  Interesting semi-gossip for fans of The Office and Gervais this morning, too: The Mirror hints that Gervais may reprise his role as David Brent for the U.S. version’s final show.  Sounds pretty iffy at the moment, but I’ll take it.

For those of you U.S. Office fans who haven’t seen the U.K. version, you’re really missing out.  It’s more intense and possibly funnier.

My message to n00bs: watching The Office (U.S.) without having seen The Office (U.K.) is like joining Facebook without ever having paid your dues on MySpace (or Friendster, for that matter!).  Completely disrespectful.

Or whatever, just watch the U.S. flavor, see if I care.  It’s really good, after all.

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