James Franco Gets a Book Deal

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March 5th, 2009, 11:10 AM

James FrancoThe big news today is that actor James Franco just scored a totally sweet book deal with publishers Simon & Schuster.  He’ll be penning a collection of short stories, for the Scribners imprint.

Franco is most likely best known for his roles in Milk and the Spiderman series (though he’ll always be Daniel Desario from Freaks and Geeks to me!).

What gives, people?!  Apparently, all you need to get a book deal these days is boyish good looks and a sheepish grin.  Slap a pair of chiseled cheekbones on me and call me a writer, I’m done.

KIDDING!  Hot people can write, too (I’m right here, folks!).  Franco is actually quite serious about his writing career: he’s enrolled in a creative writing Master’s program at NYU, in addition to taking writing classes at Columbia.  Oh, and his mom is a bestselling children’s author, if that helps.

I just hope Franco does better than Ethan Hawke, whose self-impressed debut novel The Hottest State I read a few years back.  To summarize, The Hottest State left me with a loaded gun pointed at my temple, trigger cocked.  JK!  But seriously, I rolled my eyes so many times, I thought they’d pop out and slide around on the ground like a pair of peeled grapes.  Back to the ’90s where you belong, Hawke!

And good luck to you, James Franco.

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