Convenient Truth: Melrose Place 2.0 Coming Soon!

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February 24th, 2009, 12:22 PM

Melrose PlaceHey!  Remember back in October 2k8 when we told you about Melrose Place 2.0?

Well, yep, CW bigwigs are STILL planning on updating the sexy sexy ’90s primetime soap, à la the Beverly Hills, 90210 revamp, 90210.

The Entertainment Weekly blog just posted a few new deets about the show, one which has been rollin’ ’round my head all morning.  Apparently, Davis Guggenheim, Oscar-winning director for Al Gore’s opus An Inconvenient Truth is on board to direct the new Melrose.

Weird, right?  You’d think Davis would be on to bigger and better things.  Melrose Place 2.0 seems like a step down.  Can’t he get a job directing some hip viral video where a bunch of celebs including Ashton Kucher and probably Hayden Panettiere wear white t-shirts and talk about what they do to go green”?

It makes a little bit more sense if you look at it in context.  Dude is married to Elisabeth Shue, actress (HER opus?  Adventures in Babysitting, duh) and ex-Melrose Placer Andrew Shue’s big sis.  Perhaps Davis is doing the Shues a favor.

Or maybe he’s just a fan?  Could that be it?  Btw, I’m trying to fit in a “waiting for the other Shue to drop” pun in here, but I’m getting lazy and it likely wouldn’t make sense.  Sorry!

In any case, I’ll be watching the grip of orig Melrose Place episodes available online in preparation for the new show, which I’ll def be tuning in to.  I’m looking forward to some sweet green product placement, e.g. Priuses and curly lightbulbs and hemp shower curtains and such and the like.  Love ya, Al Gore!

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