Untitled Amy Poehler Comedy Project Gets a Premise

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January 16th, 2009, 02:47 PM

Did everyone watch Thursday’s The Office / 30 Rock powerblock last night?  Kinda snoozy, no?  Neither a stand-out episode, if you ask me.

In any case, still love ‘em, and sure am glad both have been renewed for the 2009-2010 season on NBC.  Sarah Palin totally saved 30 Rock, y’all.  Thanks, S.P!!!

Amy PoehlerBut ANYWAY!  Exciting news this week related to the NBC powerblock!  The premise of Untitled Amy Poehler Comedy Project has been revealed!

What was originally to be a spin-off of The Office but then wasn’t, Untitled Amy Poehler Comedy Project will be filmed in the same mockumentary style, but set in the wacky world of local government rather than an office.

Poehler will play Leslie Knope, a “mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana” who teams up with a local nurse (Rashida Jones from - what else? - The Office) to get a construction pit turned into a park.  Along the way, she butts heads with a town official played by Aziz Ansari of Human Giant and Scrubs.

Still no title, howevs.  I’m sorta hoping they go with Untitled Amy Poehler Comedy Project, though.  I don’t like change.

Thoughts?  Doesn’t sound all that exciting to me, though I’m extremely willing to be proven wrong.  I’m a big fan of Amy Poehler, particularly her one-legged reality show contestant character Amber on Saturday Night Live.

Peep this and never be the same again:

Happy Friday!

I’m outtie, nerds!  Jealous?

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