What About Bob? He Won Survivor!

Posted by ERIN in Survivor

December 15th, 2008, 12:27 PM

Congrats to 58-year-old, physics teacher Bob Crowley for becoming the oldest dude ever to win Survivor and the $1 million dollar prize!

To quote that hip hop classic by Aaliyah - age ain’t nuthin but a number - and Bob proved it by dominating the youngsters at challenge after challenge. It didn’t hurt that he was so “aw shucks” likable and hometown charmy either (he won an additional $100,000 for being the viewers’ favorite). “Wow, it’s 2008 and that old man’s wearing a bow tie! He’s precious!”

In the end it was a close win with 4 votes going to Bob and 3 going to Sarah Palin-accented hairdresser Susie (above, left). For the first time this season, pin-up model Sugar (above, right) did not cry when zero votes went her way. She loves Bob something crazy, so it was no skin off her back for him to win. Just $1 million dollars.

Next season, Survivor’s headed to the Brazilian Highlands. By that time I expect to say, “I’m sooo over Survivor. I’ll skip this season.” Then I’ll catch the season premiere, get hooked and blog about it here. That’s how I roll. See you then!

Starving for more? Read Survivor host Jeff Probst’s blog about the finale. He is a delight.

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