Tanedra Howard is the Screamiest Queen!

Posted by ERIN in Scream Queens

December 9th, 2008, 12:43 PM

I called it, fools!

The gal with the heartiest horror chops on VH1’s Scream Queens is…TANEDRA HOWARD!

Tanedra Howard on Scream Queens

Tanedra came to the game with zero formal acting training, but was always the most natural, believable and “scarediest.” She’s been my favorite to win since the beginning and now she’ll be featured in “Saw VI.” Lolz, I know, Saw Six, but whatevs - she was stoked about it. Read her post-win interview here.

Revisit the gals’ very first acting challenge, which Tanedra won and everyone else awkwardly stank up (clip from VH1.com):

I honestly think I’ll miss this show, can you believe it? I vote for a 2nd season of this trash! ‘Til then, US users can make-do by watching full episodes of Scream Queens here.

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