Karma: Both Sweet and a Bitch

Posted by ERIN in Survivor, The Office

December 12th, 2008, 04:55 PM

Bob from Survivor GabonSurvivor: Gabon - Woe is me, the blindsiders get blindsided! Professional Gamer Ken has been an excellent strategist up to now, but his ego blew up and he’s made a lot of enemies. Last night, Ken was outwitted by crybaby pin-up model, Sugar. She sucks horribly at everything, but she played him like a violin on a crisp fall evening at the subway station and ruined his alliance. Ken’s no longer got the power and that’s gotta hurt the manhood.

The 2-hour finale airs this Sunday! Though I’ll always have a soft spot for Ken, I believe his time is up and Bob, the affable, crafty, 58-year-old physics teacher is well-positioned to win the $1 million.

The Office - People love Dwight, Jim, Pam, Michael - yeah, yeah… My favorite Office-dweller has always been Phyllis! Soft-spoken, sweet and usually left pouting, she’s been whooping it up and delivering comeuppance for pent-up biotch Angela this whole season - I’m so into it. Phyllis got more face time in last night’s “Moroccan Christmas” episode and she made it count - taking full advantage of her blackmail over Angela and calling her bluff with a bang. Phyllis is hardcore!

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